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  • Hey Gerry,

    How you doing? I am retired now and doing my thing. Started shooting skeet in the fall and I am managing the outdoor range in Plymouth, so that is keeping me busy. I see there is a car shoot coming up, but don't know if I can make it. Hope all is well with you... Walt
    Hey Gerry,

    Hope you are doing ok after your surgery.

    I took my rifle to remsport today to let John have a look. Found out a couple of things, this is not one of John's barrels or front site frames; mine is pinned, he uses a gas block and set screws. This barrel was outsourced before he began to make his own barrels. What he tried was to whack the site and put a new removeable handle on it, looked with a lazer and it looked pretty straight. If it still shoot left, he is going to install a dirrerent front site strusture. I may try to hit the range tomorrow. I may get a stainless barrel for it later. BTW, it was an hour drive for me.

    Not sure yet.. I was planning on it, but haven't paid yet. Not sure if I want to make the ride. I think I have until Saturday to pay. I have to find the thread.
    So that was you at Otter River Sportsman's Th night ?

    Is it Gerry or Jerry ?

    Small world eh ?
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