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  1. where S&W get the bad rep from

    S&W I have two M&P 45 and love them, One is my IDPA gun and has well over 8,000 round and not one issue with it. 2nd is a carry gun with about 1000 round thru it again no issue. So is their quailty issue with S&W as far as I am concerned no !
  2. A New Fireams Shop on Cape Cod..The Outdoor Shop Inc. South Yarmouth MA. (a review)

    Went down few week back to Dan shop, from the time I walked in the door Dan made me feel right at home, have since been down several time last trip Dan installed a short trigger rest for my Sig and an Apex duty carrty kit in M&P 45, gave me a very fair price on install and parts, Dan is very...
  3. Gun Range Rules to strict???

    Depend on were in south shore , but a couple of ranges are standish sportsmen in easton no limit but kinda and old club , but can shoot no limits not very busy on weekend for hadgun or rifle, and pretty good guy.
  4. On the hunt for a new carry auto

    2nd SR9c great gun very conceable gun, very accurate. can get use full size mag for extra long grip, very good all around great gun. not to mention on compact has a very nice trigger better than M&P and SIG , I own both Sig p220 , and M&P 45 with apex kit and stock ( un shootable. by SR9c for...

    I was at Monument Beach IDPA shot this past weekend and over heard that a new gun shop had open on Cape , any one have name ?
  6. Archery help please!

    Only one place Reedys archery in Middleboro, Chris and the staff will treat you right and get you shoot bulleye's with in and hour, They stock cams so you can adjust the bow to fit you properly ( very important ) to shooting good. Take the time and trip to reedys you will not be sorry you did...
  7. .45 question...if I decided not to get a 1911....

    M&P 45 cant beat the price ,and can custom fit with different grip sizes . You must do apex duty carry kit ,will make it a tack driver. I have two of them a carry and comp. Also have sig 220 very well built gun very accurate too. but if you have small or medium hands grip might be too big...
  8. Comp-Tac -vs- Crossbreed

    Also look at Sheilded holster , very simlar to crossbreed but litte cheap cost have one , foe M&P 45 love it will make any way you want , has great customer service too price includes shipping
  9. The wager

    PAY A HIT IS A HIT [angry]
  10. Made my first purchase

    congrats on 1st purchase their will be many more to come , bought my 1st then 5 more in same yr! it like a candy just can have one peice LOL [rofl]
  11. S&W Shield Reviews

    Got Email today from Fourseason they have one in stock to look @ but hands off! till Mama Martha says it ok
  12. .22 rifle recommendations

    Bolt action or semi auto ? bolt the new savage with accu trigger very nice gun, but for semi auto hand down 10/22 I just bought the target w/ bull barrel and comp trigger, shoot 1inch goups @ 100yards and sub 2inch @ 200yds
  13. Carry gun

    thank to all who replied < Just want to confirm what it thought
  14. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    3 to 4 week carver
  15. Carry gun

    I have a question that I am sure has been asked many time, But I need to ask it anyway. What is the law on buying a Ma compliant gun and then have the trigger worked on ( carry gun ) I have heard if god forbid you have to defend your self and shoot someone you are screwed and I have heard no it...
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