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  1. Bought a Beretta M9

    I just grabbed one of these. I'm looking forward to it. For anyone else interested, code PD75 gets $75 off.
  2. Monson police search Magic Lantern for evidence of early Sunday gunfire

    There was (maybe still is) an "adult bookstore" nearby. Maybe that is what you are thinking of? I used to know a guy that managed to blow over $500 bucks at the Lantern in one night and still has no idea how. He has changed a lot since then.
  3. Ice fishing season...a little late but I finally got out.

    Skunked again today. 1 flag. At least the snow was pretty.
  4. Ice fishing season...a little late but I finally got out.

    I got skunked today but the weather was nice, and it looks like we will have good ice for a bit.
  5. You need my LTC for that!

    Since when can you not buy beer at the gas station in Mass? You have to be 21, but you can still buy it.
  6. You need my LTC for that!

    It's not just paint. View:
  7. Springfield Police, ATF agents arrest Georgia man for firearms trafficking, seize 10 guns

    He'll be out in 2 days so he can head back to Georgia and vote in the runoffs. Twice.
  8. Bodycam footage shows Minneapolis cops shouting at 23-year-old driver to put his hands up before shooting him dead during a traffic stop

    "I'm the captain now" Idd was heard saying before driving into several police cars.
  9. Deals and steals

    Mine displays the WiFi password on the main display after hitting the power button a few times. Yours does not? You can also connect it via USB to a computer and access the web interface that way. I would have just tossed it in the garbage by now. Test drive fail.
  10. I have no use for this, but I want one.

    Not after labor day we don't. View:
  11. Police training glock question

    View: I know not helpful.
  12. Neat little Christmas present

    Does it fit under normal jeans or do you have to wear capri pants?
  13. Deals and steals

    You should get a second and eventually a third email when it ships.
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