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  1. This is why immigration must be stopped.....

    And conveniently ignoring the story of WHY our own population is falling. Common theme here, ignoring elephants in the room.
  2. Rain,rain go away

    It's to protect us....from global warming....
  3. This is why immigration must be stopped.....

    Very unfortunate that pointing out the truth and pointing out egregious inconsistencies in some statements makes some so uncomfortable here.
  4. mid-life crisis at 35

    Assume you’re joking, but the blame lies somewhere. Fake food, toxic pharmaceuticals, poisoned water, where do you begin?
  5. mid-life crisis at 35

    Not true, children more chronically ill than any generation before, and this will be the first generation to live shorter lives then their parents. Life expectancy is declining.
  6. Rain,rain go away

    Weather modification 101.
  7. Next James Bond Is - - -

    It’s not about being PC, this is another small example of whitey being marked for cultural extinction.
  8. Economic "Doom" Mega thread

    Lol, mil, you often assume to know what I’m thinking. At the same time, ignoring elephants in the room seems to be the culture on this forum. So NES is a hobby forum, no problem. Serious conversations will not happen here.
  9. Economic "Doom" Mega thread

    Our currency is debt based, meaning it is created from debt, with interest paid to the creator of the debt. The Federal Reserve system we have guarantees the decline of this nation. It’s was the 4th attempt, and only successful attempt to transfer the constitutional power of money creation...
  10. mid-life crisis at 35

    Point taken. Agree.
  11. mid-life crisis at 35

    Birthrate is in significant decline. If they weren't flooding us with 3rd worlders, our population would be rapidly falling. Not sure what "overrun" of children you're referring to. And being "smart" has nothing to do with the propensity of being conditioned...our universities churn out what...
  12. mid-life crisis at 35

    Lying about what, exactly? Yes, it's a shit ton of work, and at the end of the day it's only work that really matters. We've been brainwashed to believe otherwise.
  13. mid-life crisis at 35

    "Except that it is domestic slavery, I don't care what anyone says. It's a lot of work (and responsibility) and there are basically 3 things that can mitigate much of the bullshit, but it's still potentially hell on earth. (although admittedly, a lot of people stockholm themselves into...
  14. The President Trump Megathread

    All show, like pro wrestling, supporting the illusion of choice and justice. Read a similar line today on the AJones banning today, writer was wondering if the ban is because AJ is losing credibility in the alt-media world and this is to make seem like real opposition instead of the controlled...
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