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  1. Charlie Activates the National Gaurd

    They must be getting ready to shut down the liquor stores.
  2. BEC0052

    That is beautiful. Well done sir.
  3. Space blanket experiment

    Great review and info. Thanks for your time and dedication.
  4. More police protecting and serving

    VIDEO: Fort Worth Woman Shot and Killed Woman Through the Window of Her Home Following Welfare Call - The Truth About Guns I support LE, but there seems to be a training/hiring issue. I understand actions under stress, but it appears we have too many high strung individuals with badges and guns.
  5. More police protecting and serving

    Besides the fact that she assaulted him with a backhand to the head. Quick response from him.
  6. Hero gone

    RIP SEC. Campbell. Thank you and your family for your service. My famillies thoughts and prayers to yours.
  7. Comm2A T-shirt Fundraiser - Buy Now & Share!

    Bought 2 and donation. Thanks for putting this together. +1
  8. Comm2A T-Shirt Fundraiser Feeler - Feedback Wanted

    2 or 4. In reference to front 4, am I screwed up or shouldn't the union be on the left when displayed from the front? I will buy a couple of anything you print in support of 2A. Thanks for stepping up.
  9. Ham Radio License Manual - Level 1

    Definitely keep taking the online quizzes, until comfortable. Then go for tech and general at the same sitting. It doesn't cost any more and not that difficult. If nothing else it will give you an idea of the general test. If you pass both, it opens up a whole new world. Good luck!
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