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  1. This Old Revolver

    Take it to a smith if you want it to function correctly but anything else beyond preserving it in it present state would be a shame. Its value lies in its present condition for how else can it tell its story?
  2. S&W .22 18-2 4” revolver - What do you think its worth

    The gun has been reblued and that should lower the value. It was not done at S&W. Look at the side plate logo and the side plate fit under the cylinder. If lock up and and barrel are good it’s a great companion in the woods or toss it in the tackle box.
  3. How did background checks work before 1998?

    Bought my first gun at Two Guys on Boston Road in Springfield in 1965. I was twelve and had my mom with me. They said they needed her permission to sell me the gun. There was no paperwork other than the register receipt that I remember. It was a Marlin 336 in 35 Rem. It cost $69.95 of my hard...
  4. Springfield police arrest two juveniles, 14 & 16, on gun charges, seize 2 high-capacity ‘ghost guns’

    Looks like a stylized Russian Orthodox cross. Probably thought it might keep him safe. Or if the worst happened ease his way to heaven! Does Wolf make hollow points?
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