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  1. WTS Lots of Ammo WTS .223/.45/.357/9mm/.308/.380

    Cleaning out extra ammo. I rarely go to the range any longer and need to free up cash. All the ammo is in mixed lots of manufacturers and is all in original boxes not loose. Location: Sunapee, NH cell-603-727-8846 text first. Terms: Cash, Zelle, or silver coins/bullion .223/ 5.56 1500 rnds...
  2. WTS WTS Remington SP-10 Guage both barrels

    Location : Description : Excellent quality 10ga. Remington SP-10 (Discontinued) Comes with the hard-to-find 24" Slug barrel and the shot barrel. Has very minimal wear on the metal guard at the end of the forearm and a very small ding in the left side of the stock as seen in an image. This...
  3. WTS WTS Reduced $ Winchester Model 1886 .45/70 Deluxe Case Hardened 24"

    Location : Near Newport, NH Description : Nearly new, very lightly used Winchester Model 1886 Deluxe Case Hardened 24" octagon barrel Very minimal wear near the end of the forearm stock. Comes with the original box. This may have only had a dozen or so rounds through it. Accessories : Comes...
  4. Any Winchester 1894 experts around?

    Hi Guys I just inherited a Winchester Model 1894 .30wcf that has a 1899 serial number. I don't know much about these guns and would like to know if this looks to have the original sights on it. It has a 26" octagonal barrel with full magazine. From the images does it look like the original...
  5. WTS North Face Tent

    Brand new still has tags on it. North Face Assault 2 (2 person) single wall extreme weather backpacking tent with removable vestibule. Also have the NF floor/footprint to go under it to protect from rocks etc (still sealed package) Decided I have no time to actually use it. bought on prodeal...
  6. NH Police Seek Armored SWAT Vehicle to Combat Peaceful Libertarians

    Turning more and more into a Soviet style Police State. When I went to Panama in 1985 for J training we got a day off and went into PC and there were La Guardia cops on every street corner and wheeled APC's patrolling the streets in many parts of the city. This was under Noriega's rule. Was a...
  7. Bulletproof Whiteboard for Teachers......Yah Sure

    I am a teacher and I can only think of 3-4 that would have the foresight and the marbles to face down a shooter. This product is also assuming it would be within arms reach at all times. Are you supposed to wear it around your neck? seems like an opportunistic hysteria sales gimmick. sy
  8. Bulletproof Whiteboard for Teachers......Yah Sure

    I am a teacher and a VET. I beg to differ with your comment slightly. I would offer that most teachers would REFUSE to fill them out in the first place. I filled mine out quite adequately I must say and carry often. What chaps me is I am not allowed to carry in the one place where I could be of...
  9. Bulletproof Whiteboard for Teachers......Yah Sure

    Because throwing pencils at the bad guy like VA Tech recommends is seen as bullying. What maroons!
  10. PBS poll on gun control

    done 29,984 votes 95%
  11. Two week Homestead Challenge

    I spent 5 1/2 months in the woods hiking the AT. You can certainly do 2 weeks. Cheers [wink]
  12. Moving to NH

    application was all of 1 page long
  13. Moving to NH

    I live in Sunapee, close to mountains, skiing, fishing, hunting, several ranges nearby, low property taxes compared to most of the state thanks to al the vacation homes, pretty conservative area except for the old people who retired here from NY,CT,MA,RI etc. Local PD cleared my CC permit in 48...
  14. Gunmakers getting killed?

    Owners of two gun manufacturers killed in two days? Noveske Rifleworks and FPS Industries disturbing coincidence if not an outright trend beginning.
  15. January 2013 Manchester, NH Gunshow Thread

    This from WMUR
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