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  • wow thats true thanks we all got 2 stand up 4 are rights. how you said i should not be talking about a case do you think i went 2 far on talkin about. it i just said the truth and tryed 2 make people understand can i get in trouble the paper and news talk shit and everyone all ready knows thanks 4 your tips on stuff we should all stick together you are right your post made me feel alot better...4 some reason i cant private message so thats why i am writing you here
    yea true i am trying to get my ged now also so i have some problem write in 2 did you read that how i did not mean that 2 u it was 2 deer and yes brian is me 2
    i am sorry it was under your post i was writing that 2 that guy deer thats y i delete it that ways not 2 arv my mis understanding thank you you telling him what was up i was just so upset with the ones talking shit i wrote 2 the wrong person i did not mean 2 be a dick 2 u hope u under stand i read his shit and just clicked on your name thinkin it would get to him...i want 2 get people 2 understand my story and 4 the people that dont try 2 till them the true story
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