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  1. Are you ready for the Fed-fueled real estate explosion?

    Give me one ping, Vasily. One ping only.
  2. Been to Any Good Cemeteries in New Hampshire Lately?

    Buried my Dad in Laconia by Paugus Bay. Looked for a good place that was close to the big lake given how much time we've enjoyed up there. There are plenty of nice spots. By the way, in researching where to bury Dad, I discovered that the Invisible Man is buried in Moultonborough. Who knew.
  3. Name This- Wrong answers only

    Any Other Weapon.
  4. Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac Co-founder Won't be Down for Breakfast

    He also wrote Black Magic Woman, which, of course, did much better as a cover by Santana: Black Magic Woman - Fleetwood Mac
  5. Springfield Armory National Historic Site Closed thru 03/31/2020

    I just wanted to mention that I work there. I appreciate all the kind words - everyone here is certainly aware of how special of a place the Armory is. I'm not one to speak out much - I like to fly under the radar, personally. I just want to shoot CMP matches, and buy overpriced AR's in Mass...
  6. Trapdoor rifles

    The Model 1865 and 1866 (1st and 2nd Model Allin Conversions) were made from existing muzzle-loading rifle-muskets. Erskine Allin (Master Armorer at Springfield Armory) devised a way to cut off the top of the breech end of the barrel and attach a breechblock, thereby "converting" a muzzleloader...
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