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  1. Ultrasonic Cleaner Issues

    Do you think ultrasonic cleaning is not good for firearms or do you think that the procedure that the people are using is flawed. Meaning how they lube and grease the internal parts. I know other shooters that have been using this process for years without any issues.
  2. Ultrasonic Cleaner Issues

    I'm not cleaning cases, I'm cleaning my guns. I had one of my 1911's cleaned and lubed up using this process and I was quite impressed. I will clean with a mix of Simple Green and Hot water, blow dry with compressed air, bathe in WD40, then oil externally and grease internal parts. The gun is...
  3. Ultrasonic Cleaner Issues

    I recently purchased the Harbor Freight Ultrasounic Cleaner. After plugging it in and trying to use it, nothing. I called Harbor and am trying to send it back. I was thinking that maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy a better quality piece of equipment as I shoot competitively and am...
  4. Starting to Cast.....Which Lube Sizer?

    Lots of good info on this thread. The wait time is 3 weeks for the Star. I'll have to order the remaining stuff from Midway. I'll start out with the Carnuba Red and maybe the BAC. Glenn over at White Label recommended the BAC for the 45ACP and 38spl Bullseye loads that I shoot. Does...
  5. Starting to Cast.....Which Lube Sizer?

    Sounds like the Star is the consensus. I guess I'll order it tomorrow. They told me that it is a 4 week wait at this time. I'll get the Star and Heater. I was advised to get the dies from Lathesmith on Cast Boolit. Is there anything else I should order with the Star? I am primarily a...
  6. Starting to Cast.....Which Lube Sizer?

    To start out, a free 10lb Lee pot sounds good. I plan on making the ingots and then continuing to feed the pot. My understanding is that the lead melts relatively quickly. I don't think I could do it the way you are doing it. How many bullets can you make with 10lbs of lead. Say 230gr RN...
  7. Starting to Cast.....Which Lube Sizer?

    After reading on different forums and watching Youtube videos I've decided to go ahead and start. The main reason is a hookup I have with a basically free supply of wheel weights. So I've started to collect all the equipment and even got a free Lee 10lb pot with assorted bullet molds from a...
  8. DATE FIRM, May 22nd . . . 2010 Spring Cast Bullet Workshop - Shirley Rod and Gun Club

    I would be interested in this class. You are located in Cumberland, ME. How far is that from Providence, RI?
  9. Looking for Corn Cob Media in RI/MA area

    I want to thank everyone for their help. I located a Grainger close to me in RI and I've several offers from Forum members to give me some of theirs. I appreciate the help.
  10. SBR in RI?

    From my understanding, SBR are NOT allowed in the State of Rhode Island. Neither are supressors. I believe that there are no exceptions to this rule.
  11. Looking for Corn Cob Media in RI/MA area

    I've purchased the corn cob media from Wal-Mart for reptile cages but it has larger granules. It causes me problems with my reloading as the media has gotten trapped and stuck together and I've missed it. I want the finer granules but I'm not sure where to locate them in this area. As far...
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