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  1. Roach's Sporting Goods, Cambridge, MA

    Does anyone know when they are shutting their doors? I've been going in there for over 30 years, back when Charlie and his brother were running it.
  2. .50 BMG ?

    Last I priced .50 BMG rounds they were around $5.00 each. I'f you aren't going to bring you own commercially loaded ammo, please offer a fiver per shot to the owner for his ammo.
  3. Find-a-pro on NES

    I need some 6 foot chain link fence installed near Monadnock in NH. Any NESers into fencing? (chain link not swords)
  4. how many firearms did you buy in your first year?

    Firearms? Aren't they dangerous?
  5. Largest caliber you ever shot?

    40mm grenade launcher .50 bmg off the bench .68 muzzle loader 1.6 inch bore black powder cannon .458 Winchester for shoulder fired EC's .500 S&W and a 12mm gyrojet for handguns I'm really not a recoil junky. :-)
  6. Food question

    This thread reminded me of something I've searched for unsuccessfully for years. I'm trying to find fresh or frozen pig skin. Not the deep fried yummy crispy bits. None of the markets seem to carry it any more. Any ideas?
  7. Coulter: Two Most Important Issues in Presidential Election

    In one sense, you're right, and I misspoke. The financial crisis had it's roots in fiscal policy back 20 years ago. But in another sense, although they may not be root causes. they are a major portion of the present problem. We can't stop what happened 20 years ago, but we can sure as hell...
  8. How many of you guys play video games?

    I've tried, but I've yet to play a video game that didn't bore me to tears in 10 to 15 minutes. Portal managed to hold me for 20.
  9. Coulter: Two Most Important Issues in Presidential Election

    IMHO, these two issues are 2 of the primary root causes of our present financial situation.
  10. One Hit Wonders and Forgotten Classics Music Thread

    Then there's this from Hoyt Axton: Jealous Man
  11. Got email from Scott Brown: H.R. 823

    Trying to keep up on things from the Republic of Georgia. Has he been contacted regarding Senate bill 1867? The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012?
  12. Knights of Mayhem

    I've never seen the show, but "live steel" competition is full contact with full size blunted steel swords while wearing steel armour. A LOT of fun. [grin] Even with the bruising and occasional minor wound.
  13. Knights of Mayhem

    I know several guys that actually compete in jousting here and in Europe. One runs a school for "live steel" combat in Haverhill MA.
  14. Best War Movies

    A Walk in the Sun The Boys of Company C
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