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    I cannot confirm nor deny this conversation took place. I have an email into the DESPP contact, and I will personally see if he has changed his stance on the matter. When we last corresponded (7/7/13), he would not render an opinion one way or the other. Also, in NY, we have received word from...
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    And they flat out laughed at me when I asked them for it. Told me to call Albany. So I'm paying an attorney to go out there.
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    Re: New York http://www.nyfirearm...r-15-kit-2.html See NYShooter1 (Firearms Lawyer) response in this thread. Snip: "My legal judgment is that this device makes your AR completely legal and not required to be registered. This is my opinion, I cannot guarantee the state will agree but there is...
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    CA tipped the anti-hand a bit, with the CA DOJ clarifying the issue through regulation CA Penal Code 12276.1 (a) which defines "detachable magazine" to mean any ammunition feeding device that can be removed readily from the firearm with neither disassembly of the firearm action nor use of a...
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    Key phrase in MA: "a semiautomatic rifle that has an ability to accept a detachable magazine and has at least 2 of--" A magazine cannot be inserted or removed while the firearm is in an operable state, thus there is no ability to accept a detachable magazine. I'm not a lawyer.... blah...
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    I haven't been chipping away at MA, I only have so much bandwidth to allocate. Half the battle is asking the authorities the question the "right" way: "Is a firearm equipped with a device that prevents the insertion or removal of the magazine as long as it is in operation compliant with the...
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    I saw a meme floating around that made me smile to this very effect: Why do I need an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine? F*** YOU THAT'S WHY This should be a T-Shirt.
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    We're still waiting for Tresmond law to make the meeting mid September. He called 2 weekends ago, sounded puzzled that I haven't received his retainer agreement. 2 weeks later, still no agreement. Once I have the letter, I don't imagine I'll keep it a secret. [smile] In the meantime, here's...
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    Update on NY: NYST has acknowledged (verbal, phone) AR MR2 would be legal under the NY SAFE Act. Their opinion is that the magazine cannot be removed during operation for it to be a legal sporting rifle with features. I'm working to get this in writing.
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    Negative. NY has neither approved nor rejected AR MR2 as a compliance device. The closest thing to an opinion from NY we can get is from their counsel. I plan to follow in Exile Machine's footsteps with the Hammer Head grip...
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    The install video is out, check it out:
  12. AW Registraton Forms and LCM Declaration forms up on DESPP Web Site

    I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. You dime yourself out, and surrender the initiative all at the same time. With all the info, they can pick people off one by one at their leisure. Does CT have an "Armed Prohibited Persons" program similar to CA? If not, this will be their next logical move...
  13. Home made guns.

    Why bother when you can manufacture a AR-15 from an 80% lower? The G-code is a snap, and it's 100% legal. Same for the AK's, just more tooling.
  14. Assault rifles banned in NY

    Meh. Buy and 80% lower and put an AR MR2 on it. They haven't truly banned anything, just forced us all to get a little more clever.
  15. Ruger LC9 - Techna clip head's up

    I ran into the same issues as the OP this morning. I found instead of bending it, the addition of a 18-8 flat washer (23AMMS15795-804) provided the gap needed to keep the clip from compressing the plastic outer onto the trigger bar.
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