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  1. Proform Treadmill...sold

    Very light use. Virtually new. Can text pictures. $30.00 Thank you, Andy
  2. Handyman

    Looking for a handyman to help me get my house ready for sale...a little painting, a little caulking some odds and ends. I live in Tewksbury, MA Thank you, Andy
  3. Ruger 44 special

    Hi, Ruger advertised a 44 special in a GP100 3inch stainless configuration. I know it has been discontinued, but, I see new 1's offered on gunbroker and similar sites. Ruger advertised it as MA co mplaint. Can that revolver be ordered shipped to a dealer in Mass even though it has been...
  4. WTB...S&W Model 36 3 inch barrel

    Hi, Interested in a model 36 3 inch barrel. Thank you
  5. Ruger GP 100 44 special

    Want to buy a Ruger 44 special... 5 inch or 3 inch.... Thank you, Andy
  6. conversion revolvers

    Can I assume conversion revolvers are illegal in Mass too? Thank you
  7. Ruger Nightwatchman

    Hi, Ruger advertises that the 1911 Night Watchman (6709 I believe?) is Mass ok. Can't find it anywhere. Has anyone seen it or does anyone know if something has changed? Thank you
  8. colt competition series 38 super legal in Mass??

    Hello, Getting conflicting the Colt Competition Series 1911 legal and available in Mass? Thank you
  9. CAS

    Hi everybody....looking into Cowboy Action Shooting and I'm wondering if there is a shop in Mass that carries a supply of appropriate firearms. I know Mass law is a problem but just wondering. Thank you, Andy
  10. LTC ??

    Hi Guys... I sent in my renewal application in early April. My ltc expired 6/25. What do I do/can I do now? Thanks
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