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  1. How do I contact an administrator

  2. Stuff said online.....

    I left out a few hoping you'd fill in some more. You know, like word association! 😆
  3. Do you HAVE to allow an armed IRS agent in your house?

    The 2A has nothing to do with people's jobs. It has everything to do with individual rights and the government's limitation on infringing on those rights.
  4. Stuff said online.....

    No too long ago on NES some members were deliberately putting numerous "trigger" words in their signatures; Bomb, explosives, kill, massacre, firearm, gun, etc... just to poke the bear. Somewhere out there on the interweb is a video of a woman (on a landline) having an innocent conversation...
  5. carry ammo

    Recently here.
  6. The quickest Straw in the East!!

    Clearly, we need a new series of laws to prevent this type of thing from happening again. If it only saves one life... [thinking]
  7. I had use the generator for the first time!

    Preparedness pay off. Well done!
  8. Oakland Cops Hope to Arm Robots With Lethal Shotguns While official language condoning killer robots is shelved for now, Oakland police still want it

    A few years ago, didn't the cops (in Dallas?) deliver an explosive charge with a robot and then blew a barricaded suspect up?
  9. A military meme...

    If you are ignorant of USMC MOS numbers, you might not get this.
  10. Holosun SCS

    I agree with you on principal, but the SCS doesn't need batteries or suppressor height sights; ergo the presentation is more traditional. I've yet to make the transition to PMOs, but I'd like to see a domestic manufacturer follow suit with those features.
  11. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    You should see the other guy! 😆
  12. In your world is there any such thing as too cold to shoot???

    Not enough dead Chinese soldiers laying around. 🦅🌎⚓
  13. In your world is there any such thing as too cold to shoot???

    Nope. Like the Norwegians say, "No such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing". View: View: View: View:
  14. LCpl Carpenter approved for the Medal of Honor

    Bump. If you've never seen an interview with this young man, you are missing out. View: View:
  15. ***NES Server migration***

    Did the earth move for you? :)
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