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  1. Looking for a Suunto watch, Navy SEAL style

    Hmm, I have a Suunto and it's nowhere near as durable as my ghocks. They are pretty huge though and my X-Lander's digits were great for these old eyes.
  2. .308 at 1700 yards

    I was going to ask the same question. The hold-over must have made the shot look like a mortar round coming in.
  3. Uhhmmmm...wut?

    NRA gun instructor misses protest because (wait for it) he shot himself in the foot | FreakOutNation (Consider the source) Anybody else skeptical about this "NRA Instructor?"
  4. U.N. approves first-ever global arms trade treaty

    I am still confused as to how a treaty with a foreign entity can suborn the Constitution. Logically, it is nonsensical.
  5. disabling a firearm?

    Swap out the Garand for a POS Moisin-Nagant and let him torch that. All olde guns look the same to the heathens. The you slip out the back with your new treasure
  6. McCain Key Senator on Background Checks

    Of course he is. His food pellet is dependent on crapping on conservatives.
  7. Senator Lee to Offer Amendment Tonight to Ban Most Gun Control in the Senate

    If the Dems ever cobbled together 51 votes for gun control, the first thing that they would do it repeal this amendment.
  8. Bass Pro wouldn't sell me a gun today UPDATE Post 56

    One more and you'll be back to zero.
  9. "Obama staying out of negotiations on gun bills"

    I'd like to say he's staying out of it because he knows it's a loser. But the real reason he's staying out of it is because he's a lazy SOB. If it ain't golf, he doesn't want to hear about it. Sure, he'll give a teleprompted speech, but actually leading from the front? Forget it.
  10. DHS: First the Ammo, Now the Tanks

    I am starting to thing that the AT-4 is a good self-defense weapon...
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