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  1. Received a letter from GOAL >>

    I'm hoping this is the case, however I did not inform them of the move.
  2. Received a letter from GOAL >>

    "Change of address notification for license to carry firearms" I moved in late June to a new town. That week I mailed (certified) my change of address form to the town I was leaving, the town I moved to and the Firearm bereau in Chelsea. Why is GOAL sending me this? Sorry if this is a...
  3. terribly sad >> As soon as I read this article I wrote my wife and said I want her to learn to shoot the HK USP .40 with some level of comfort. Seriously. I'm not going to be the Dad away on a sales trip that has to come home to...
  4. Apparently Handguns are Ineffective at Close Range

    similar experience >> Similar experience in watertown, except public works actually showed up. I called local PD to report an injured opposum in the middle of the road on Watertown St. It was flopping around, and looked to be pretty smashed up -- breathing heavy, making shrieking sounds...
  5. +1000000 for the good guy ***UPDATE*** - Wilbraham, MA

    hahahHAHAHhahaha That sounds reasonable. Maybe what -- the two of you would sit down and have tea and crumpits while you wait for the cops? Seriously, do people think before they are quoted as saying crap like this? Sometimes I am thoroughly embarrased living in MA.
  6. socal gun buyback violates 626.9 (school zone) >>

    Good going dummies -- read this cross post from The "locations" referenced in the quote above are in school zones.
  7. drunk guy shot dead >>

    Tragic - yes. A lot of the comments are about how sensless it is, or how inappropriate it was to shoot the guy, etc. I would like to remind these folks that there is no way of knowing the intentions of a shiit-hammered man kicking in your door in the middle of the night...
  8. Applying for a LTC-A (ALP) in Waterown?

    watertown Good luck. I live in Watertown where I also own a small business. I received the infamous "target and hunting only" restriction on my LTC-A. The detective told me the only way the chief would allow it is if I owned a small business, which I do. On top of that, I have been shooting...
  9. Not Again

    Seriously -- crazy people -- STOP using guns to deliver the message. We get it, you're nuts. Use a brick or a toaster or something. You make it very difficult for us law abiding, sane gun owners to make rational, emotionless arguments for our rights.
  10. good SHTF read >>

    valuable stuff.
  11. Professor Called Police After Student Presentation >> unreal.
  12. Moving to another town in MA >>

    ok thank you.
  13. Moving to another town in MA >>

    can someone advise me on the proper procedure and order of operations. I don't entirely trust the local PD to know.
  14. SMITH & WESSON’S M&P15-22 Rifle

    Happy to see many gun manufacturers following GSG's *tacticool* headway in .22LR. My GSG-5 is a lot of fun and hit the market at a perfect time to plink for cheap -- and feel ridiculously paramilitary. ;)
  15. LE shoots man in the back when cuffed and down

    my $.02 I want to say first that i'm not in law enforcement, nor do I wish to be. Nor am I a huge fan of the officers that I have encountered in "my travels". That said -- this is clearly a case of people seeing what they want to see. I've looked at the extended cellphone footage and it's...
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