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  1. The eagles

    Agreed with getting the best tickets you can afford. I saw Elton John a few years back, and the seats were 8 rows from the stage. It was hands down the best concert i've ever attended. I'm sure the show would have been fantastic even if i had "nosebleed seats", but the fact i was so close...
  2. ERPO: do you trust your liberal family and associates

    I trust my family in this regard. However, i didnt trust them until recently. They had a lot of misconceptions about firearms in general (and of people who own them), and thought owning a firearm would somehow make me act and behave differently (and become as my family put it "an evil NRA...
  3. Preban AR Mags

    Do you have a buddy in a nearby state like NH that you could have the company mail them to? If not, i might be able to help you out. ;)
  4. End of the pullman arms v. Healey case today?

    From what i can remember, the most recent filing from the plantiff did not cover AR rifles, but covered rifles that already were legally sold by many stores post healey ban. I doubt this covers AR rifles, but if it does, i'll buy one tomorrow morning!
  5. s&w mp 15-22 sport question

    All pre 7/14 assault weapons rules apply. I think you can have the adjustable stock if you remove the pistol grip.
  6. NH Anti-gun bills in the Senate...

    I heard on a NH radio station yesterday an ad from Everytown for Gun Safety urging people to call Sununu's office to pass the bills. We need to still be calling on our end.
  7. Questions about getting gun license in lowell ma

    If you got a DUI in the state, you can't get an LTC. Sorry. Its an automatic denial. Also, you're working with a federally illegal substance, so you have that against you as well. I would advise getting pepper spray, or some other alternate defensive tools.
  8. Buying Legal Pot Will Get You On The Federal Database

    I called Sanctuary in Gardner MA regarding their policy on showing ID to make a purchase. They said scanning ID is company policy, but the data "doesn't go anywhere". The clerk followed up by saying "We do have a thumb drive that the ID data will save to in the event the PD accuses us of...
  9. Group buy maybe?

    From the website faq: Do you ship to the USA? We get a lot of queries from the USA about the Sublethal Remote Gun. In 2018 we do not ship to the USA because we are manufacturers only and sell locally in South Africa. If you are interested in importing Sublethal Remote Guns please contact us...
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