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  1. Recommend an accessory light for a G19

    Surefire gift card towards a not shit light. One of my favorite stocking stuffers are the surefire sidekicks. They're $50 rechargeable 300 lumen keychain lights. Everybody I've gotten them for raves about them. Inforce lights are big meh.
  2. Mass State Police - Doing the "work" that's really important.... MSP

    i hope the commonwealth is the epicenter of a massive smallpox outbreak.
  3. Thoughts On New PC?

  4. Tesla on autopilot rear-ended Connecticut State Police Car then read-ends another car

    CT banning teslas in 3...2...1...
  5. What do you do when you see another hunter walking through the woods without full orange? Just a Orange hat

    Mind my own business. f***ing people in Massachusetts, are you all pre-conditioned to be nanny statist cuckholds with accents that make you sound like you have downs or are you just products of the vile disgusting new england environment?
  6. College essay - updated, see post #58

    Everything up until post 59
  7. College essay - updated, see post #58

    Danny Edit: f***!
  8. College essay - updated, see post #58

    What bank do you work for?
  9. College essay - updated, see post #58

    Motion to change OP's username to "buck coomer" until he provides: 1) school in question, professors name 2) evidence that he doesn't pay for this education 3) 5 page essay on parenting because he raised a f***ing anti
  10. College essay - updated, see post #58

    Well, lets get this party started, in 15-20 years it will be a hell of a lot harder to fight than it is now, in 15-20 years you'll be fighting drone cops not human cops who will bleed and die or be on our side from the onset. Also, dont forget that there are a lot of young people on our side...
  11. Red Flag standoff in NY

  12. Amazon stooping to new lows

    I ordered 1 pelican 1750 last year, they sent me two and only charged me for one and never picked up on it. So im pretty happy with their incompetence lol
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