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  1. Ukraine will be fending off a Russian invasion with Mossberg 500's

    I understand all that but guard duty is totally doable with a rifle and breachers/less than lethal are mostly police/occupation force applications. I strongly doubt Ukrainian military is preparing to bust doors and quell protests in Moscow. On a serious note, Ukraine is full of shotguns of...
  2. Ukraine will be fending off a Russian invasion with Mossberg 500's

    Ukraine has plenty of Soviet Era AK's, produces AR15's, AR10's, licensed Tavor copies, and possibly AK's(not sure about those). Why stupid shotguns?
  3. Another RMV car tax question ( rare car - how do they come up with value)

    It shouldn't. The POS I got recently as a first car for my 17yo got taxed by RMV as a 7k vehicle. The excise tax he's paying is based on a 2k valuation. I advised Junior to appeal the excise tax number and tell them that the true value of the car is 7k. He told me to go to hell LOL
  4. Isn't the 'standard' magazine for G19 is 15 rounds?

    Some G19s come with 10-rounders, so I'd say both 10 and 15 rounders are standard. Think of it as of a car that can have a 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder engine. The hi cap crap is meaningless.
  5. Turn me onto slides for p80 g19

    No first hand experience here, but I read a lot of good reviews for slides. Unlike many others, their RMR milling has lugs, not only screw holes. Speaking of milling, I just had a slide milled for RMR by Wager Machine Works and highly recommend them. Quality work...
  6. One less LTC holder in MA...

    Maybe they don't want to patronize businesses that don't respect their Constitutionally protected right.
  7. Obama Urges National Gun Reform — Senate Needs to Quell ‘Easy Access to Guns’

    Well, there are some theories about Michelle...
  8. Man points firearm at driver during Littleton road rage incident, police say

    IANAL but I vaguely remember some court ruling that basically said that if a non working firearm can be easily made operational than it's a firearm for all legal purposes.
  9. Newton Gun Shop getting pushback

    Honestly, I don't understand why would anybody want to open a gun shop in a town with high rent and non permissive political climate.
  10. SacBee: Sacramento fire captain fighting California assault rifle charges after ATF raids home

    Well, millions of people own perfectly legal firearms and never shoot them.
  11. ****Breakjng**** Multiple People Shot in Winthrop MA

    You make it sound like a national holiday. In reality, it's probably a couple of hundred of old Commie bastards. I'm sure, if you look hard enough, you'll find people in Israel who celebrate Hitler's birthday.
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