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  1. Soros

    The blond with glasses who objected to Gingrich's comment about Soros was Marie Harff. She was in the Obama administration in the State Department.
  2. DNC Bombarding me with YouTube adds

    Schumer looks like Bela Lugosi
  3. 2020 Harvard Steel challenge

    A fun day on Sunday. Thanks to Ramon, Dave, Betsy,, Dan, and all at HSC for another great match!
  4. NBA is in a death spiral

    Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people
  5. 2020 Harvard Steel challenge

    Thanks to Ramon and all at HSC for putting on another great match. What does September and October look like?
  6. funny biden acronym

    C'MON MAN!!!!
  7. Range safety rules exist for a reason

    I'd give him an 8....he was creative ans kept up with the beat
  8. 2020 Harvard Steel challenge

    Thanks to all at HSC for another great Steel Challenge match!
  9. 2019 Steel challenge at Harvard sportsman’s club

    Ramon: Congratulations on your first successful year hosting the Steel Challenge matches. Thanks to Mike, Scott and all the HSC team for your efforts. Today's match was a little chilly to start,but the stages were really fun. Looking forward to next season.
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