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  1. Waterfowl/Turkey/Deer

    I can only relay my limited experiences, which unfortunately dont include the options you listed, but as a relatively new hunter and shotgunner i can speak on a few points. The first shotgun i owned was a newly made 870 express. It was the tactical model, and sort of sucked.The slide locked up...
  2. Deals and steals

    Just got 5 1911 mags. Id been keeping an eye out for some reasonably priced 8 rounders and couldnt pass it up. Glad youve had success with them!
  3. Thoughts on the Bond Arms Derringer

    I held a bond the other day and it was cool but way too heavy to be a practical pistol. For 20oz or so you can carry a shield with 9 shots vs the 2 single action shots a derringer has for the same weight. A decently made 10oz derringer in a real caliber could be a different story but i dont know...
  4. How much have you spent in 2020?

    Honestly not as much as in the past. Bought a J frame with christmas money just before new year but ill count it. Several boxes of .38. Picked up a smattering of 12ga hunting loads and a few boxes 5.56 when things started to go sideways in march. Been saving for a house so the gun/hobby budget...
  5. Ill do green karma for 2 AND Richlec will do 2 also!

    Thanks rich! Very generous of you
  6. Sights for shotgun? (Deer hunting)

    I like the front fiber optic on my shotgun but if i wanted a little more out of my slugs id probably put a plain micro red dot on there. Sig, primary arms, and vortex have some good candidates you could look into.
  7. !50th Birthday KARMA GIVEAWAY!

    In! Thanks!
  8. a WTF moment: small gun stores that screw you

    My LGS is tiny and has their steel 9mm ammo at like 80cpr and brass .223 at like 95cpr. I wont buy any for that but i wont stop going there occasionally to investigate or buy 12ga for their reasonable prices.
  9. Who wants a tank?

    Absolutely, but youll need to get intimately familiar with the NFA. So itll be a $200 tax om the cannon as a destructive device....and another $200 tax on each round you want to put downrange.
  10. NES Green Membership Karma

    In, mine just expired. Very generous!
  11. My experience with NES members this past week.

    Just about every member ive met has been a straight shooter. Only problem i ever had was the first person i ever tried to meet. Cancelled 3 times I think before i gave up buying from him, guess he didnt want my $450. anyway, every other member has been top notch.
  12. Any bird shot in stock locally?

    Kc smal arms had 12ga #8 when i was there saturday. Remington gun club.
  13. LVPO suggestions

    I have the primary arms 1-6 you listed. I dont really run it hard but it hasnt lost zero for me and looks pretty sharp.
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