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  1. USPSA @ Hopkinton this Sat Aug 3rd??

    I felt the bolt action open gun was a brave choice! Maybe it's a new division...
  2. Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association Semi-offical thread

    Don't worry about just showing up. Unless there's a major match coming up, practice is largely pretty casual. Just don't expect an offer of sponsorship the first time you come. Like Editor and ILikeGlocks said, we only have two sponsorships a year and making the referral, if it turns out...
  3. Shooting glasses

    Talk to @idoktor. He's good at that stuff.
  4. Uspsa at hopkinton

    Don't just observe. Come and shoot. Now that the weather is better and the sun goes down later there's more time. Except tonight. Tonight we're closed for paving. There will be a few of us around doing other stuff so feel free to stop by.
  5. 2019 MA Turkey Season

    If you're in MA, don't forget your safety sticker. I saw someone have an unpleasant and expensive conversation with an EPO on public land last year.
  6. NES/MFS March Gun Giveaway

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