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  1. Hopkinton Heavy Hitters - September USPSA Match

    The Hopkinton Heavy Hitters will be holding our monthly match on Labor Day Weekend. The link for registration is: Please read the ENTIRE match description prior to...
  2. Massachusetts Bill HD.4420 "An act to modernize gun Laws"

    Did something I never do because I think it's pointless: Emailed my Rep (A cosponsor of the bill. [puke] ) and my Senator (Spilka). Also emailed my CoP encouraging him to reach out and oppose the legislation. No response from any of them yet (except an auto-reply from Spilka). Will update...
  3. 2023 Fishing thread

    Hooked up with three fish today but couldn't bring any of them to the net. TINY BWO and Caddis were the ticket today. I forgot how insanely difficult those fish are to trick. Already planning my next trip out.
  4. 2023 Fishing thread

    I'm making my first trip out fly rodding today since 2019. I haven't been this excited to go out and not catch fish since I was a kid. My uncle was, in a lot of ways, my early window into hunting and fishing. He had me plucking pheasants at the age of 8 (to my mother's horror) and fishing...
  5. Hopkinton (MA) Deputy Chief charged with child rape as resource officer

    He'll suck start his service weapon before he does time.
  6. Hopkinton MA Town Meeting Article - Only Indoor Shooting at Clubs.

    I believe @Bob and @Rob Boudrie and their speakers have it more than covered. I trust their plan is the right one and the folks who they've asked to weigh in are the right ones. They've a good relationship with the town and know the right levers to push (and nuts to twist when needed). I...
  7. 2022/2023 Upland Hunting

    I absolutely got away with one this year. Hit it with two pieces of shot. One in her leg, the other entered under her wing and got her lungs. She flew about 150 yards and then folded and hit the ground. We thought she hit a tree branch and broke her neck until I started plucking her.
  8. 2022/2023 Upland Hunting

    I think so. Limits the distance I can take shots a bit, but so far, it's 100% fatal to the birds I've shot it at. I think, for farm-raised birds at least, it's more than sufficient.
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