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  1. 2012 MA IDPA Championship ***Match is Full***

    Mike, I have the green folding chair in my car. I'll bring it to the next IDPA match. Regards, Dale
  2. NES Remington 870 Giveaway

  3. July 25th Harvard MWT IDPA Match Results

    Dear Guests of Harvard's Metrowest Tactical, Thank you for joining us on a hot summer weekend for our July IDPA match. We had lots of fun and saw many new shooters to IDPA and by the looks of the way they shot, we will have lots of new friendly competitions kicking up. The results of the...
  4. Best Source for DC vs. Heller Updates and links

    Chaos So, if all the Massachusetts gun laws are thrown out as being unconstitutional with the "correct" outcome from Heller vs DC, any ideas on what the transition would be like here in Massachusetts? Shopping sprees for buying formerly banned "evil-looking" guns or a lock-down of all sales...
  5. Riverside GC Spring Classifier

    Classifer will count Riverside IDPA affiliation is in process of being renewed and we have confirmed with IDPA that all scores will count. Come on down...
  6. Riverside GC Spring Classifier

    Classifer You are absolutely correct, only affiliated clubs can award classification. Riverside needs to get re-affiliated for this shoot to have any meaning.
  7. Riverside GC Spring Classifier

    Title: Riverside IDPA CLASSIFIER Date: Sunday March 30, 2008 Time: 8:30 am - 2:30 pm Location: Riverside Gun Club, Hudson MA 25 and 50 Yard Outdoor Ranges Notes: Time: Registration 8:30 AM First shot 9:00 AM Cost: Members $15, Others...
  8. Best place to buy?

    Ok, so I've got my new reloader and lots of saved up brass. Where are the best places to get reloading supplies? Primers and powder seem to be cheaper mailorder if I could ever get anyone to ship to Massachusetts. Lead is just too heavy to ship. Any cost savings seems to get eaten up in...
  9. The Amici and the 2004 Election

    I am learning a lot of history reading some of these Amicus (amicae, sp?) briefs. Some of them get very bogged down in referencing other legal citations but some have some great background material. Throughout most of US History, there seems to have been many discussions and arguments on...
  10. Reloading Press ??

    I decided to go for the Hornady Lock-N-Load. I'll let you know what I think after a few thousand rounds.
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