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  1. MG Permit and Carrying / transporting

    Question, as far as touching without an MG license, is that really the case? even in the presence of the owner?
  2. WTS WTS Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge, Older Model

    WTS Rem. 870 Express 12 Gauge Magnum. I'm the second owner, my friend bought this at the Fair in Spencer back in the day, early 1990's Only thing I changed was I put a 20" barrel on it (the original 28" is gone) It has wear & dings on the wood, but it's a solid gun. Metal trigger guard $250...
  3. WTS WTS, Ruger 10/22, Blue, Wood Stock, 1992 Manufacture

    WTS Ruger 10/22, comes with one factory 10 round magazine, aftermarket sling installed. I'm the second owner, my friend bought this at Service Merchandise back in the day. The serial number dates it to 1992. It has some wear, dings & scratches in the stock, only major issue is the rear sight is...
  4. WTS WTS Kel Tec P3AT Package

    WTS Kel Tec P3AT, Comes with original box, soft case, lock, manual, 3 magazines, has belt clip installed, blue/black finish. Good condition, works great, I'm the second owner. $350 cash, no offers, no trades transfer on efa-10 loacted in central MA (Leicester) PM me with your contact info if...
  5. WTS WTS, Smith & Wesson Sigma Model SW380 .380 Cal

    WTS S&W Sigma .380, comes with one magazine, no box or manual. I had wire brushed the black finish off with plans to refinish / cerakote it, but never got around to it. It's been a while since I've shot it, but worked fine in the past, only one jam out of a couple hundred rounds. I'm not the...
  6. LEO marked Glock 9round mag....huh?

    maybe it's a mistake by glock, kinda like a mis-stamped coin, it could be worth thousands!
  7. Cerakote and similar. Is it rugged?

    question about cerakote: how much thickness does it add to the metal? for instance, I was thinking about getting some 1911 grip screws plated or cerakoted, would it add too much that would make them not be able to screw into the bushings?
  8. Where to find parts for older CVA muzzleloader?

    check on ebay and gunbroker
  9. Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Recommendations/Advice, update

    update Dec 30, 2019 Got a Napoleon insert, works great, heats whole house even from in the basement. One of my favorite purchases so far. Been using it since Oct./Nov.
  10. Veterinarian says the Impossible Whopper ‘will make men grow breasts because of soy proteins'

    something does strike me as "odd" with this thing, they are promoting the hell out of, more than any other burger commercial I can remeber, not to mention, I've seen other tv commercials with food products claiming it's made form "plants" What the hell do they mean by plants? Why not just say...
  11. Impressive Ice Catch

    that ice is thin!
  12. RBG hospitalized

    wake me up in 2022 with this post
  13. At AAA renewing my license

    no surprises, this has been the planned outcome all along
  14. Thoughts on PPU .44 Mag?

    I would personally never use it. It runs very dirty, their hollow points don't expand, and I know of someone that had it blow up a gun in their hand (was it the gun or ammo? we may never know). the only good thing is that they make some rare calibers, but if you're going for an imported ammo...
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