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  1. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    I am shocked, I mean totally SHOCKED, that Maura wasn't the first to file suit.
  2. Live auction of firearms in Deerfield Mass this Tuesday (Nov 26, 2019)

    I got a postcard in the mail that Douglas Auctioneers is having a 200+ firearms auction this coming Tuesday (11/26/19). As always there is quite an eclectic mix of guns (and there's usually a large quantity of ammo as well.) I've bought from them in the past and did pretty well, so I'm going...
  3. More police protecting and serving

    WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A gun is a police officer’s best, and most dangerous, form of defense. But, as the 22News I-Team discovered, one western Massachusetts police department is missing a gun, and this one belonged to a former chief. Ron Campurciani was the West Springfield Chief of...
  4. So, just how screwed is this guy?

    I was told he was informed he wasn't getting it back. But if they did give it back to him... and he doesn't have an LTC... couldn't they bust him again the minute he took possession of it?
  5. So, just how screwed is this guy?

    UPDATE: After months of living on pins and needles, multiple appearances where various charges were dropped to a single charge: possession without a license. Even with that, the prosecution kept asking for one continuance after another. Frustrated by the prosecution failing to make their...
  6. So, just how screwed is this guy?

    Looks like an old Ford Festiva.
  7. So, just how screwed is this guy?

    Swatgig, could this be used as some sort of a precedent by Junior's lawyer?
  8. So, just how screwed is this guy?

    UPDATE: DA dropped improper storage of a firearm charges but is proceeding with charges for not having a Massachusetts LTC. If Junior is convicted, it's an 18 month prison term. My suggestions to get a Comm 2A lawyer are falling on dead ears with him and his family.
  9. So, just how screwed is this guy?

    Last I heard was this: 1st hand: (Text message from him to me): He's sticking with the lawyer he originally hired. (This means he's not going to use Neil Tassel or others on the Comm2a list I provided him). 3rd hand: (from my wife who got it from her boss /Jr's mother): His lawyer supposedly...
  10. Now I understand Mosin Love

    Thanks! I'm not a great shooter, but the "Bubba-Mosin" was able to to ring steel plates at 100 yards in the hands of someone else.
  11. So, just how screwed is this guy?

    The revolver was not in a locked case, and the LEO's recovered it when they found the vehicle because Junior told them about it. Well, I've passed along Neil Tassel's name and number to Junior and the ball is in his hands now. I'll post more as I hear how things are progressing (or...
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