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  1. Pinning magazines in VT?

    Thanks! I don't think they are the ones I found before either. I haven't had time to seriously look yet for the previous site.
  2. Pinning magazines in VT?

    I have the same question as the OP. I have a residence in VT. and asked about pinned or blocked magazines in a local VT. FFL recently. The owner appeared to be on board with pinned mags and yes he knew what one was. Without guidance from the state who knows. Common sense would dictate that a...
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  4. Belgian Air Force Needs A Few Replacement F-16's

    That will buff right out.
  5. Acceptable humidity level for a gun safe

    My safe is in a basement with a dehumidifier that I run year round. Keep it set on 60%. No corrosion issues. The safe is on a 6" tall wood platform. Never checked what the humidity is in the safe.
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