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    hey there Rick, (hehe i called u rick:P) just fyi,under ur tab "About Me" you forgot to write...

    hey there Rick, (hehe i called u rick:P) just fyi,under ur tab "About Me" you forgot to write worlds most amazing dad <3 [smile] hehe
  2. I Lost the 1919 to my Brother

    haha well this thread got interesting fast [laugh] i was gonna reply sooner but got lost in my studies, i got midterms this week -_- well anyway, keep the ideas coming! thamx for the help everyone :)
  3. I Lost the 1919 to my Brother

    i actually did quite well on that test:) lol but also lets keep in mind the price of ammo lol puppy eyes dont work so well when asking for ammo for the .50 haha sooooo as much as i would LOVE to have the .50 it just cant happen any time soon lol but like i said, im not picky hahaha if it goes...
  4. I Lost the 1919 to my Brother

    So my dad scouter-rick finally got himself a toy this Christmas and it was the 1919. Every time my dad gets a new gun, me and my brother fight for "dibs". Which pretty much means " that gun is mine when dad passes on" lol [smile] In order to call dibs: 1.) My dad, brother, and I have to...
  5. I'm Almost There!!!! Can hardly wait!!!

    So! Next tuesday ,scouter-rick will be taking me to bring me to get my FID!!!! I finally turned 15 this month so I can't wait!!!!!! [dance][dance][dance][dance][dance][dance]
  6. And now they won't ship TARGETS to MA???

    Well being in Ma im not exactly surprised! It reminds me how we are also the only state that requires a license for condiments..(pepperspray) obviously that lady had no idea what she was talking about
  7. Took the kids out shooting today.

    If you want to see a real smile on their faces have them shoot the barrett 50.!talk about hooked, once you shoot the 50 there's no turning back!
  8. AbbyOakley Gets 228 on AQT

    Hey everyone! I am wicked happy cuz i got my rifleman patch this weekend! I got a 228 on the AQT and i got a purple patch!!! I had a great time! not only did i get rifleman but they also offered me an orange hat! so now i am an Appleseed Instructor in training! so exciting! [smile] I cant wait...
  9. Finally got my daughter to come shooting with me

    sounds awesome! tell them that I cant wait to meet them and let them try them out! We can meet you at taunton rifle and pistol if you would like , there is also a possability of our club too if you wish, Mansfield fish and game, which ever works better for you! My dad is on vacation all this...
  10. Beach ?

    if you wanted to take it wiith you just as a saftey blanket thing there are beaches with lockers you can rent off for the day! you could keep it in there if you wanted... but i agree wiht the others ..I dont think it is worth it
  11. Finally got my daughter to come shooting with me

    Here is a taste of the beauties! [smile]here you go show these to the girls and ask if they wanna come shoot them!
  12. Sell it or keep it?

    here inorder to tell try say you dont know if you will regret find a friendf and let him temporarily keep it...if you start to miss it then dont sell it but if you forget about it sell it.
  13. Finally got my daughter to come shooting with me

    HEy do you think your daughter and her friend would like to come along and shoot a pink 10/22 (with hello kitty stickers on it) and a multi color AR-15?
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