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  • Nice meeting you and your dad tonight. Congrats on the Rifleman Badge. Keep on doing what you're doing!
    Hi Abby! Yeah I had a good time... wish there were more people there, though. Have you seen yourself in any of the interviews you did? I bet every news agency that was there took your picture, haha. Thank you for being such a positive advocate for our cause, and our country. I'll be getting my pics from the march up tonight. Oh, and happy belated birthday!!
    Happy belated birthday! It was a pleasure meeting you and your dad (and everyone else on the bus) that went to DC. Keep me informed about any other similar events! I hope youv'e caught up on your sleep! Tom Logsdon
    oh i am sorry to hear you wernt able to be with us this week. i was so excited to let you know that i will be doing an appleseed and i got a hot pink sling for my hello kitty 10/22 and if you didn't see but on one of the karmas i won a preban 30 round mag and i am really excited to use it. i am also looking forward to at one point finish my conversation with you about the revolutionary war talk to you soon
    Hi Abbey. Thanks for the message, but I won't be able to visit.
    Too much on the Honey-do list. (Ask your Dad. [laugh] )
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