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  1. whats the strangest meat you eaten?

    My buddy used to barter with a place in Lowell, but they stopped taking them. He went to another one in Hudson NH, and said it was weird. Almost like a drug deal that was about to go bad. We'd love to find a place that would take them!
  2. whats the strangest meat you eaten?

    Seaduck, particularly King Eider. Absolutely gross.
  3. need help on choicing first shotgun

    I would recommend the Benelli. I have the Nova pump, and my friends have the Supernova and SBE and they're all amazing. Max 4 is good for waterfowl and upland hunting.
  4. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    Hey all, first off, just wanted to say hello! Also, I just want to go on record and state that MA really sucks. I grew up in Lowell, but then moved to Hudson NH for about 5 years which is when I started getting into hunting, shooting, and CCW. When I moved back to MA (yes, yes, I know!), I got...
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