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  1. Question about legality of a handgun brought in out of state.

    I don’t know CT law but I believe @dcmdon is pretty well versed. Perhaps he can help. Good luck
  2. The once unthinkable now assured?

    What does ‘get them on the books mean’?
  3. Hanks belts anyone use one?

    Been wearing a Hanks Amish belt every day since I got it in 2012. Pretty satisfied.
  4. Any FFL's to get ammo shipped to south of Boston?

    Why do you need to ship it to an FFL?

    I never really desired a tanto blade, but love my Spydercos. Caught a video from the SHOT show last year where they teased the PM2 tanto and loved the look; decided I'd pick one up if I could. Bought a ZT knife from BladeHQ a couple months ago and started getting their emails. Got one mid...

    New Spyderco PM2 w tanto blade
  7. Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club

    Saw the 9.30 closing notice on the website last week and thought the same thing. Why the club has ever altered its operations since the beginning of this nonsense has been baffling to me. Infuriating too. I haven't been there since I dropped off my dues check in April. My preferred range...
  8. My first firearm!!

    Congrats! And nice choice; love my 19x. That you managed to get one here in MA tells me you're gonna do fine.

    Sheeeeeit. I might have ordered an 0460ti Wednesday night. The wait is killing me.
  10. Saskatchewan Highway Patrol Chief Fired For Buying Unauthorized Weapons

  11. Deals and steals

    Ha. I just read the earlier post and said to myself "huh.. I thought the P30/ VP9 mags were 15 rds"
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