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  2. Your first pistol and rifle

    Passed down: Colt open top pocket revolver and a sporterized (unfortunately) Mauser 98k. Bought: Sig P229 and a Windham Weaponry AR-15
  3. Navy tests new Laser weapon Video

    Yea i couldn't imagine how much each one of those missles cost just to take out another missle/rocket, never mind what the entire system costs!
  4. Navy tests new Laser weapon Video

    They can be very powerful, we have built some to drill into rock for what I believe was mining purposes. Some coworkers have informed me that Japan bought a 100 kilowatt laser to disassemble the Fukushima reactor. I don't see why they couldn't stop a vehicle with one. They have used them to take...
  5. Navy tests new Laser weapon Video

    This thing is very real, the company and department I work for built the lasers that they use. If you guys like this you should check out the HELSTF ADAM.
  6. Gopro action cameras.... Who's got one? Which one to buy?

    I bought the Hero 3 black for the wifi controls so I can control it from inside the car while having it mounted outside and the better processor/ video quality since I'm a firm believer of the buy once, cry once policy. Definitely buy extra batteries and/or battery pack because they drain fairly...
  7. Your thoughts on compact 1911s

    I have a S&W 3" 1911 with 750-1000 rounds through it and so far it's been good to me. The only complaints I have is it didn't come with night sights and the finish of some parts could have been little better. Oh and if you buy one of these check to make sure your guide rod is installed correctly!
  8. Hiking spots

    We take our dog to Douglas state forest at least once or twice a week. Depending on which trail head you enter the terrain varies but most are fairly flat. There are alot of trails located on route 16 and also south west main st in Douglas. Also, buffumville dam in Oxford/charlton that has...
  9. State Capitol Demonstration Megathread with Pics

    I will be there with 2 others. Maybe more but nothing confirmed as of right now.
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