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  1. PSA: It's "Luger", not "Lugar"

    While we’re complaining, Baretta?
  2. Alien Gear Shoulder holster and wearing a tux

    for whatever reason, Grabagun has excellent prices on galco shoulder holsters. just now i checked the jackass rig for the beretta 92. $212 at amazon. $167 at most places including OP. $141 at grabagun with their quote. the galco jackass is my favorite because it cants the pistol and mags down a...
  3. Alien Gear Shoulder holster and wearing a tux

    I own a pile of Galco shoulder rigs that have all worked well, although AIWB has completely replaced my use of shoulder carry. with a shoulder holster it’s just not worth skimping on cost. As @NHKevin suggests something top notch like a Mitch Rosen is pricy but soooo worth it (Assuming one is...
  4. Budget upper help

    my last RRA order wasin august and I received ~6 weeks later. i Would rather back order a quality rifle component than overpay for something that ships right away. However that’s just me as A rifle snob. I need more uppers like I need more wives, so I’m plenty patient. theres still plenty of...
  5. Sig recall; cross bolt action rifles; 11/26/2020

    surprised sig isn’t calling this another “Voluntary upgrade”. the only Sigs I have kept are their hammer fired pistols, otherwise they are dead to me. Anyone dropping $$ on a new sig is either clueless or new to this game.
  6. Budget upper help

    Many of these brands are garbage, AR stoner, bear creek, etc. rock river arms sells uppers on their site. Excellent prices and their quality is top notch. My 16” middy RRA uppers are winners. $450 for an ar stoner midway is too high. I purchased a few of the at $225 or so. Middy A4 RRA uppers...
  7. Deals and steals

    XLR is running Black Friday sale on XLR chassis, 25-30% off. I own 2 of their element chassis and couldn’t be more impressed.
  8. AR help - please :)

    There is no such thing as a cam takedown pin, but then again why let that stop the imagination.
  9. AR help - please :)

    This is the cam pin perhaps you mean the firing pin retaining pin? who the F made your BCG? good luck
  10. AR help - please :)

    My head hurts after reading this thread. I have zero emotional Interest in your rifle but feel obligated to offer some thoughts in light of what bizarre ideas have been provided. if the BCG is binding during hand cycling, there is clearly a major problem that will not resolve with lubrication...
  11. whats the deal with Canik

    MyTP9SF shot very well. Trigger was a bit too light for my liking and as a TDA fan it wasnt going to get carried anyway, so I sold it. they used to be a budget gun but nowadays I see them selling for the same as a beretta APX or even close to a Glock which in my book detracts from the whole...
  12. I never thought I would say this.........

    @Skysoldier 72 is not old I also have family in Canada their healthcare is free and Wonderful if you have essential hypertension try getting a coronary bypass in canada or state of the art radiation therapy its more cost effective to let the patient wait (and die)
  13. What Apex spring kit do I need to fix my M&P 2.0 Compact 3.6" so it doesn't have a MA 12lb trigger? While they’re high quality, you don’t need any expensive apex parts to fix the heavy ass MA trigger. Just an OEM sear and trigger spring will fix it and keep everything OEM.
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