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  1. My Guns Thread from start to future

    its called placebo effect and it’s powerful i suggest learning more about the locking block design and the problems with boosting recoil spring strength, as the locking lug will take an unnecessary beating. all of this clown work on a 92 is fine until one starts running high rounds counts...
  2. Not Legal For Sale in CT

    calling @dcmdon for input
  3. Can we talk about how bad OpticsPlanet is

    and here's another reason i NEVER give business to opticsplanet: they're the world's largest shill dropshipper middleman, licking gov boot by immediately ceasing sales of pistol braces https://www.opticsplanet.com/magpul-mag1079-blk-btr-arm-brace-polymer-black-ar-pistol-platform.html...
  4. My Guns Thread from start to future

    please explain how this RSA / piston (whatever that means) improves the 92 action. This is possibly the most heavily refined handgun on earth and I’m eager to hear… if you want the cx4 storm fixed, send it to Sierra Papa in Portland OR.
  5. My Guns Thread from start to future

    The heavier recoil springs for the 92 series are unnecessary and exert more stress on the locking block, which is sort of the structural “weak link” of the 92 design. everyone Wants captured recoil springs until they realize it’s easier to replace uncaptured ones every 4-5k rounds. congrats on...
  6. Sportsmans warehouse questions

    congratulations now follow your heart to that little kel-tec, put a few k rounds through it and give the forum a write up so we have a data point. Or perhaps you’re asking for help from NES brain trust to use a website. That’s fun too.
  7. Sportsmans warehouse questions

    1. Clearly you’ve never owned kel-tec products before 2. they’re not going to ship a gun w 16 rd mags. Well at least pretty much every other online retailer won’t ship w mags over 10 rd. I’m aware there’s no legal basis for this but it is what it is. 3. nobody on this forum can answer whether...
  8. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Where are u buying cases of x39 for $150 going to (kindly) call BS on that cheapest 7.62x39 I’ve ever seen was from Keith at 619 DW, as I believe he imported the GT directly. He was selling at $200 or so but never anywhere near $150. Cheapest I ever purchased from TS was $220.
  9. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    not following this math in 2019 I was buying quality brass cased 9mm (eg blazer) for $180 a case. 7.62x39 steel case was never below $200 per case, usually around $250. these are very different consumer bases and no reason they would hold any type of fixed ratio of pricing. With pandemic all...
  10. Glock 41 Conversion barrel??? Use Glock 40 barrel?

    a G41 barrel should fit fine in a G21 gen 4. It will look retarded though. The 45acp gains very little from longer barrels (low pressure cartridge) so there’s really no point to an extended barrel G21. I briefly owned a G41 and while it was a fine pistol the G21 always had my heart so the G41...
  11. Low left problem

    It’s not always flinching. Occasionally the issue has to do with lateral force on trigger at time of break. This can be exaggerated in a smaller pistol. one test is to rotate the grip to allow trigger pull at different parts of index finger. I have found with some small pistols I have too much...
  12. Deals and steals

    I have a bunch of these. excellent for longterm storage. they can be stacked quite high and remain stable (not tip over). they have a gasket to create decent seal. much better than stacking up ammo cans. for transportation or range ammo they suck but that's not their intended design.
  13. Issue with OLIGHT Baldr Pro

    If an olight malfunctioning it’s the cheap Chinese circuitry. One needs to disconnect the power source/battery and hook it back up. Then will likely work. 3 months later it will fail again. I carry their warrior mini or S2R II for EDC but there’s a reason I own zero of their WMLs. Streamlight or...
  14. Ejection Port Won’t Close - Is this upper out of spec?

    Lolz what is the upper receiver?
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