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  1. Community Meeting On Gun Issues - Thurs., 2/7/2013 @ 6:45pm - WATERTOWN MA

    I received the email below from one of my State Reps after contacting him regarding my concerns. Wanted to share with the site: Dear Constituent, I want to let you know about a community forum on gun issues that's going to be held later this week in Watertown. It's on Thursday night...
  2. MA Gun Laws

    THANK YOU Len and jmh! That really clarifies it. I really appreciate your suggestions.
  3. MA Gun Laws

    Questions regarding procedure for sale of (2) long guns from a MA resident to a NH resident. My brother (MA resident) is registered owner of 2 long guns (Lee Enfield & SKS). As I understand it, when MA changed the law regarding FIDs a few years ago, my brother didn't bother updating his FID...
  4. What would you do in this scenario?

    Massachusetts Jurys THAT is kind of what I was trying to get at in my post. You are going to have to defend yourself infront of a MASSACHUSETTS jury, infront of a MASSACHUSETTS judge. The deck is stacked against you to begin with. The MASSACHUSETTS jurors unfortunately were NOT there...
  5. What would you do in this scenario?

    I just don't see it To the OP, using just the original scenerio you offered up, I see no justification for the use/application of deadly force. You have not articulated any fear for your LIFE or any reasonable expectation that your LIFE was in danger. Elevated alert level? SURE! Ready to...
  6. New Acquisitions for September 2008!

    Mark, got my Eotech 512 w/Accucam from GG&G a few months back. Easy on/Easy off. Great service and great price! Spent about 60 rounds zeroing it. Simple adjustments and you'll be all set! Enjoy!
  7. eotech question

    JUST got a 512 wiskie, I ordered a 512 from GG&G (one of their value packages with the quick release mount) at the end of May and got it this past week (due to back order). I mounted it on my AR on Friday and went to the range on Saturday to get it zeroed in. I put 100 rounds through the...
  8. Belmont - CCW Defends Against Machete

    To help close this out, there will be no criminal charges filed against the VICTIM (And being this is Massachusetts, let me clarify that the victim is the surveyor who had the machete pulled on him).
  9. Belmont - CCW Defends Against Machete Belmont, Mass. - Anthony Forziati, 64, of 114 Eastern Ave. in Arlington was arrested on May 22 and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Forziati reportedly became enraged when a surveyor...
  10. I really don't give a s**T what happens to you

    Yep, there's another one Another champion of my profession. (Though, admittedly we all THINK it from time to time)
  11. Abington Murder

  12. Shoot, No Shoot. Online Test

    Game Over Your Score: 555 Average reaction time: Black Armed:718.24ms Black Unarmed:859.44ms White Armed:755.92ms White Unarmed:761.52ms All of this will of course show up in a thesis on racism. Enjoy the fun!
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