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  1. Pembroke car crash

    He was at a company Christmas party and left at 7am driving a company truck. Damn straight the POS company has some responsibility
  2. 'Delay' response

    I get delayed on every purchase. If it bothers you, you can apply for a UPIN. But I've heard the wait is pretty long
  3. Cool Cover Songs (renamed thread)

    This is is amazing
  4. Home heating oil price.

    There are no different grades of heating oil. The difference between heating oil and diesel fuel is the sulfur content. Heating oil can be up to 500 ppm sulfur where as diesel fuel has to no more than 15 ppm sulfur. Diesel fuel also has additives for performance (lubricity, cetane improver, cold...
  5. Who stocks Zero Tolerance knives?

    Sawyer's in Hanover is a nice store. Not sure if they stock ZT though. I just got a ZT0620CF on another forum and it is sweet
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