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  1. WTS Dillon XL650

    Hate to do this but I'm going through some personal things and need to downsize. Dillon 650 that I picked up from Len S on here Very little usage. Comes with 4 tool heads, powder dies, 9mm, .40 and .45ACP conversion kits, Dillon strong mount, a bunch of primer fill tubes that I picked up, and...
  2. The end of an era, Knob Creek Machine Gun shoot will hold one more event in October.

    I've always wanted to go, I guess this will be my last chance. I'll start planning now.
  3. Show Me Your Revolver(s)

    Can thank my dad for that, haven't changed anything since the day he passed it down to me. I will say Ill probably never shoot it without the Hogue grips again though, that f***er is hard to get a handle on with the smooth wood lol.
  4. Show Me Your Revolver(s)

  5. The prices you guys are charging for guns/ammo is absolute extortion

    Hey OP, I've got a really nice Springfield RO Operator in 9mm for 950 if you really can't find ANYTHING and that's under MSRP of 1047. Deals can be found.
  6. Looking for service information

    Could you blame them?
  7. Looking for service information

    I didn't find any registration cards pretty much only a handful of Muster rolls. I did see he was discharged as a Corporal in 1947. Still cool to find out.
  8. Looking for service information

    Well I ended up signing up for Ancestry.com, found a little bit of info, mainly some muster rolls from 1945-1947. Looks like he just missed out on going off to war after all based on my search. That explains why he never told any war stories..
  9. Looking for service information

    I knew that much, I've been there numerous times.
  10. Looking for service information

    Hey guys figured this was the best place to ask. I am wondering if there is a way/place where I can look up service information about my grandfather. He passed away when I was little and I don't know much about him. I know he was in the USMC and served during WW2 but aside from that nothing...
  11. Hints for Gunshop Owners

    Agreed, I just move along at that point.
  12. TN School Shooting News

    Amazing how they push gun control and suddenly there's multiple shootings..
  13. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Ask yourself, is Cabela's taking a loss on selling what little ammo they have? f*** no. I know someone that works for one of the big manufacturers and let me tell you, their prices haven't doubled or tripled. If you think TSUSA doesn't have massive buying power and has to pay PREMIUM prices...
  14. Big Happening at the Skeet Field Today

    Glad everyone was ok. Still nothing compared to @Broccoli Iglesias
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