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  1. Target Sports Delivering Again

    Yeah it sucks, I've gone shooting once in the past year and my stockpile still looks like crap to me. Lowest it's ever been. Luckily I was able to walk away with a ton of reloading gear, everything plentiful except projectiles, which get pricey at times. I could really use some cheap .45 factory...
  2. Target Sports Delivering Again

    I'm in a similar situation, divorced last year, custody of my son and trying to rebuild my life. I don't have the cash flow I did before so I can only manage a few boxes at a time. I figured better to grab a few boxes now and have them than wait and everything is gone if a event happens.
  3. Target Sports Delivering Again

    Aside from TSUSA, does anyone know where to find .45ACP ALU now that Walmart is done?
  4. What AR alternative calibers fit standard metal GI mags without modification?

    Uses a different bolt, highly recommend getting one from TROMIX if going this route
  5. What AR alternative calibers fit standard metal GI mags without modification?

    .458 SOCOM, 10rds in a normal 30rd mag
  6. LEO marked Glock 9round mag....huh?

    I have the Pearce grip +1s and the last round isn't a issue at all. How many officers carried G27s though?
  7. .45 Shield

    I'd like to see pics as well. Was really thinking of picking one up lately
  8. February 15-16 West Lebanon Gun Show

    I've never been to a gun show and honestly after reading all the posts here I'm glad I don't bother.
  9. The most memorable teacher I ever had.

    I feel like I logged into the wrong website.. had to double check the link at the top..
  10. Anyone try fasting?

    I've been doing some fruits and veggies, lots of chicken and beef, nothing crazy really. Just watching what I eat for the most part. The part that helps me the most is I have sleep issues so fasting starting at 8pm has cut out my snacking and such. I also loved gummy candy and I haven't touched...
  11. Favorite 22 LR ?

    Federal Automatch for me. I've run pretty much everything as well including some OLD ammo and never had any issues. Usually the Federal is always available so I grab that.
  12. Box of 45-70

    I'm not very familiar with 45-70, is it always crimped so tightly?
  13. Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club

    Got a call from Lee, had some issues with my email address, hopefully it gets resolved quickly. But they are sending out emails to perspective new members for March orientation. Im excited to join my first club!
  14. Dacosta’s Pizzeria in Worcester closing

    Complete other side of the City, they're building everything up around the area of the ballpark. I've lived in and around Worcester all my life and I never even heard of the place. Probably lost quite a bit of customers to Chick-fil-A right there..
  15. Anyone have a Ruger Wrangler?

    Been looking to get one of these. I really need to find a new go to shop around Worcester again.
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