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  1. 700 Chassis Replacement

    To counter both of your points without trying to be a dick, my Remington 700 5R’s in both .308 and 6.5 are excellent rifles...I might have lucked out, but both are sub MOA guns. I would also prefer polymer/synthetic/aluminum for a romp in the forest gun as it would be less likely to be damaged...
  2. 700 Chassis Replacement

    Go big and go for broke! Mcree G10-P7ST for the win! Grandma bought your Glock, so you can clearly dump $900+ on a chassis! Maybe ask Santa?
  3. Looking for a bit of info on M1A/SemiAuto M14

    Wow, REALLY?!?! That’s nuts. They didn’t invent the platform, lol...they’re just the only commercial supplier to successfully plagiarize the design into a (relatively) cost effective end product for consumers. Shit like that is what pisses me off about CMP/NRA. Everybody should be allowed to...
  4. Looking for a bit of info on M1A/SemiAuto M14

    While not an M1A, or a standard configuration, I like to brag about this one because I literally had NO idea what I was doing when I built it. Barrel timed, headspaced, fitted, polished and finished all by my own two dick skinners. Springfield Armory Stock Fulton M21 (Investment Cast) Receiver...
  5. Deals and steals

    It’s 10% off, thanks!
  6. Deals and steals

    good luck with that. #nothappening Mark my words...primers will not decrease until AFTER if/when there’s a red tide in November of 2022. Enjoy your ‘new normal’. All that being said, buy what you can while you can and do it with a smile because you’ll have them the next time they’re no longer...
  7. Looking for a bit of info on M1A/SemiAuto M14

    I built one of mine from scratch on a Fulton M21 (M14 sniper) receiver...let me tell you, that thing is extremely accurate despite me having built it! I REALLY took my time with that project...fitting every single piece to perfection. It’s a hodgepodge of USGI surplus parts, but man is it fun...
  8. Where the Guns are......

    This is misleading. It’s based of percentage of homes with firearms...not how many firearms per capita. Who the f*** ever answers any of these poles honestly anyway?
  9. Looking for a bit of info on M1A/SemiAuto M14

    And now you could trade one or two for a new car. I almost shot one last weekend at Knob Creek, but they were charging $65 for a 20rd mag. I’m ok at that price...I’ll save the dough for brass to feed my 1919a4 if I ever get that going.
  10. Looking for a bit of info on M1A/SemiAuto M14

    Holy f***, dude...you hit the jackpot! Sorry about your friend though. Another hand in the cookie jar of the M14 banned camp here...those guys are f***ing gay.
  11. henry's mares leg legality

    It’s legal to order it, sure! Whether or not they’ll deliver/transfer it is another story altogether. Welcome to NES, BTW...what a great first post! Does your first name rhyme with Laura, per chance? Just curious...asking for a friend.
  12. Is there an offense "Leaving ammunition unattended?"

    Sounds like he may have done this to himself. He allegedly threatened some people and ‘alluded’ to possession of firearms.
  13. Is there an offense "Leaving ammunition unattended?"

    It is if they say it is until someone else says otherwise. This dude is fooked.
  14. Is there an offense "Leaving ammunition unattended?"

    The said ‘silencers’, not suppressors. Know the difference.
  15. JP Morgen gets f***ed by Texas Loses $58 Billion

    I doubt they’re losing any sleep over it. Still nice to see them raise an eyebrow though.
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