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  1. Is there an equivalent of “The Mill” in NH? Commercial/FFL space

    First thing you see in the door was the Tommygun in the vertical glass case ! RIP.
  2. Americans Bought Enough Guns on Black Friday to Arm the Marine Corps – Yet Again!

    Is that a m203 under the first guys m4 ?
  3. Nikon exiting the rifle scope business

    April 2013 comments.
  4. So are we really a racist, bigoted, intolerant country?

    Reginald should have put pedal to the metal and plowed road, hell I don’t know why he didn’t ?
  5. Devastating News on California Fires

    It’s like the cheech and Chong movie.
  6. Wayland Rod & Gun Closure Attempt?

    Did he ask his wife if he could do this ? What a pussy.
  7. The President Trump Megathread

    I wish I could believe that opinion, sadly the Democrats are gaining strength by the education system brainwashing our kids and rampant immigration, legal and illegal. Conservative , less government , freedom peoples are doomed.
  8. The invaders should be seeing these at the border

    If you didn't know it before this last election, the flood of latino pouring over our border over the last 30 years totally screwed America and made Democrats the only party to win important elections now and in our future. One party rule , Prepare to Defend yourselves people. Civil war is coming.
  9. San Diego to San Fransico - Pacific Coast Highway

    Dont go further north than Monterey, turn right and head to the Tetons.
  10. Acosta >>>>>>>>> "Zot" I smell ozone

    I can proudly say, being as Democrats are the party of gun control, I've never even been tempted to vote for those shit stains.
  11. Picket line

    Can this thread be wrapped up in 2 words? Unions suck.
  12. Let's see how long it takes for that democratic "civility" to kick in!

    Problem with #1 is the DOJ cant keep a secret, too many traitors.
  13. The President Trump Megathread

    Soon coming your way.
  14. You all in MA so screwed: Does not look good for gun owners in MA.

    The fact that liberals are actively encouraging minorities to NH to color the population and Sununu has a cabinet member that is involved tells us all we need to know.
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