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  1. What did you do to your firearm today.

    finished up on my 590A1; S&J extension, Hogue 12" LOP furniture, magpul MS1 sling & some paint
  2. Any recommendations where to buy 7.62 x 39 Ammo? Brass not Steel

    Cabelas has some, PPU, PMC and Herter's. Price was $11.99/20rds for the PPU & Herters, and $17.99/20rds for the PMC.
  3. Martin burns public range

    I've had some interesting experiences there such as turning to the side and facing down a Mosin as someone else at the range was getting ready to clean their rifle. I'd also echo the comments about it being open to the public, I only go with a friend so one of us is always at the table.
  4. Black Dog Machine Sale

    Thanks for posting, got some mags for my DPMS .22lr upper
  5. storing equipment

    x2 on the Roughneck bins, very durable and can hold a fair amount of weight without the bottom tearing out. HD has them on sale at the moment:
  6. Issues with preban mags in Gen 4 G19

    my of my U-notches had similar issues, I got new baseplates and wolff +10% springs and that's solved the issue so far (I got followers as well but did not install them).
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