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  1. WTS 9mm Plastic Ammo Boxes

    Location Norton MA I have (used) Plastic ammo boxes that fit 9mm Auto Asking $2.50 a piece
  2. WTS 45 acp Plastic Ammo boxes

    Location Norton MA I have 15 (used) Plastic ammo boxes that fit 10mm Auto 40 S&W 45 ACP 45 Auto Rim Asking $2.50 a piece
  3. WTS (Used) Frankford 30-06-270 Ammo Boxed

    Frankford Plastic Ammo boxes 30-06 / 270 Location Norton MA I have 6 boxes for sale $18 for everything
  4. Sold Pending funds Surplus Military Ammo Cans

    Location Norton MA I have several Surplus Ammo cans for sale In good shape, no rust $10 Small $14 Large Let me know what you want, I only have available what is in the picture.
  5. WTS Lyman 40 SW Carbide Dies Set with Shell holder

    Location Norton MA I have a used set of Lyman carbide dies for 40 SW with the shell holder Price $60 Can ship these on your dime PM me
  6. WTS RCBS 300 Savage Rifle Die Set

    Location Norton, MA I have what appears to be new in the box set of 300 savage dies Price $40 Can be shipped on your dime PM Me M PM me
  7. WTS ProMag Glock 19 Preban Hi-cap Mags

    Location : Norton MA Description : I just found a few more of the Promag Preban Hicap mags that I was selling last summer. Guys were unsure of the promag mag's, so I offered a money back return, if you weren't happy. Not one mag came back. These are new old stock and can't be found anymore. Why...
  8. WTS 9mm , 40 SW & 223 Range brass

    I have an abundance of clean unprocessed 9mm ,40 sw & 223 range brass available that needs a good home. PM me with what you prefer and how many you would like. Qty is counted by weight with some extra and at my price you won't complain. Priced to sell and shipping would be at cost. 2.5 cents...
  9. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    You can download the application and simply drop in the mail per the instructions Easy-peasy
  10. WTS 30-06 military brass once fired

    I have pile of 30-06 military brass available at 0.20 a piece Located in Norton, MA These can be shipped at your expense PM me if are interested.
  11. Sold Please Delete CCI #34 Large Rifle Primers

    Location: Norton MA Price: CCI 7.62mm NATO-Spec Military Primers are a military large rifle primer containing magnum priming mix. The CCI #34 primers are a great choice for reloaders that use military cartridges. These primers are specially made to be harder to ignite which prevents slam...
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