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  1. Ballistol - anyone use it?

    I tried it and it works well, so I am a fan.
  2. Help me decide! Poll

    You forgot the "All of the above" option :). If I had to choose, it'd be a tough call, but I think I'd go with the Beretta.
  3. S&W warranty work. Experience?

    I had my slide stop lever break on me on my M&P (long story), so I shipped it off for repair. They did excellent work and provided great service.
  4. Happy 245th Birthday Devil Dogs!

    Happy Birthday Marines! S/F
  5. Shield 2.0 Accuracy?

    Might be the trigger.... I shot my buddies MA compliant Shield and the trigger was much tougher than mine. I have the same model, but with a different trigger (stock S&W, but different from most) and the difference was night and day (mine is very accurate and fun to shoot). With enough...
  6. What to expect if The Liberals win

    Expect lots of anti gun laws that no criminal will ever pay attention to. It'll be good PR that appeals to the "guns are scary" crowd, but it'll have zero effect on those with evil intent.
  7. packable shovel

    Milsurp Entrenching Tool is what you need. Those things are tough. It's small and comes in its own carrier.
  8. Hanging up the uniform

  9. Newbie

    Welcome aboard!
  10. Soon-to-be new shooter - what's the Handgun / Ammo situation in MA?

    First off, welcome aboard Frank! Both are great guns, so you could do a lot worse than these two (Sig P320 and S&W M&P 9 2.0). Good hunting! :)
  11. Sig P938 owners. Ever had failure to eject?

    No issues with mine, even with cheap target ammo. I'd try different ammo after the gun has been cleaned and go from there. If it still acts up, send it to Sig to have them check it out.
  12. Recommend me a 22 pistol

    I have had great luck with the plinker.
  13. The Air Force is replacing its aging Beretta M9 pistol lineup with 125,000 Sig Sauer M18s.

    Both (M9 & M18) are great shooters, although I have to confess that I'm partial to the M9. I have a fair amount of trigger time with the Beretta and love that design, but I have to admit that I was pretty impressed with the M18.
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