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  1. Mass RMV

    Went to the Springfield registry a week ago to get my real ID. A bit of a wait, about 10 minutes in line, but went smooth 20 minutes.
  2. New member to the message board

    I think he is gone, like forever...
  3. *Delete*

  4. Okay IT brains, here's one for you.

    I suggest a double helix boot. If that does not work, shoot it with a .357 mag pistol. Then try the boot again.The machine should be rendered useless, thus solving the problem. You don't have to compensate me for this most excellent advice.
  5. National Reptile Day

    I had the pleasure of meeting Thee Reptile at one of Len's seminars in Easthampton a few years back. Nice fellow, knowledgeable and ugly [smile].
  6. Kevin O'connor

    It is him or Frosty...Who I WON'T vote for....
  7. Kevin O'connor

    This is his view on the 2nd Second Amendment Kevin O’Connor supports a citizen’s right to bear arms. Massachusetts has strong gun laws, including mandatory background checks for people who choose to own firearms. Reducing gun violence is a crucial priority, and to that end Kevin supports...
  8. Sen. Kamala D. Harris named as Joe Biden’s running mate

    You would put it in her? I guarantee her thing has teeth.....
  9. The BIDEN CRIME FAMILY'S Payoff Scheme

    My guess is by the year 2525 View:
  10. Can anyone identify this little critter?

    I like snakes.....and spiders.
  11. PS4 games for old people

    Register on Steam or GOG. Lots of PC games..
  12. Anti-freeze odor with truck

    coolant smell more hits than this. first guess is radiator.
  13. Bayonet spotted inside car by Boston police leads to gun arrest

    I own a 1907 Wilkinson Bayonet, but I don't have an Enfield (or anything else) on which to mount it. I have the Enfield. Give me the bayonet... Thanks.
  14. Bayonet spotted inside car by Boston police leads to gun arrest

    I think a small amount of us get that one...
  15. Ten Greatest Muscle Cars of All Time?

    First car I ever drove. It was black.
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