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  1. Thanks for clearing that up maura

    Brain cancer is a given...
  2. efa10 Portal

    I did the same thing. Sideways slide, except if the utility pole was 6 feet further away, no one would of known. passenger door and window mushed..
  3. efa10 Portal

    Dad says," Want to take my car out for a drive"? "Wow?,really Dad? "Sure" he says," just be careful". "OK!, thanks, dad". So 17 year old me gets into Dad's 1957 Chrysler imperial, 392 hemi, push button Torque-flight, and promptly pick up my buddy's. You all know the rest of the story..... '
  4. Ammo as currency

    Looking at this, I would say I have about 20 bucks in the ammo bank....
  5. exellent review of the MA37 assault rifle

    Service rifle please. I am so sick of that term...
  6. Ammo as currency

  7. Shit gun owners don't say

    Yo, you talkin' about MY Debbie, Dude?
  8. COVID-19 May Attack Testicles, Reduce Testosterone: Study

    And the old guys have none left as well. Ask me how I know.
  9. What are your Post-Covid Plans...?

    Post covid 19
  10. Target Sports Delivering Again

    Got my second order today...1 1/2 weeks.
  11. Who's Participating in the 2020 Census...?

  12. any interests not firearms related?

    Should say, WIFE has 27 horses. Still has a big impact on me though....some are boarders..
  13. any interests not firearms related?

    27 horses
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