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  1. 2020 Secret Santa: Updated - 12/1

    in. I do this on garage journal, lots of fun!
  2. caulking gun

    Looks high capacity. They make those before 94?
  3. New acquisitions November 2020-Firearms only

    Fixed it for you;)
  4. NRA admits to using funds for personal benefit

    Say it ain’t so, joe. let me see you’re surprised face.
  5. Fresh Green from MA

    Anyone else click expecting the stickiest of the ickiest?
  6. How much have you spent in 2020?

    I just found out on ancestry we’re cousins...😉
  7. Thanksgiving karma

    Bump. One last family available to help with 100 dollars towards thanksgiving!
  8. Pick your quarantine house...

    I guess it’s be six if I had to choose. But cmon, where’s the girls? I want to quarantine with my Bikini clad housemates!
  9. Thanksgiving karma

    Bump for one last family who could use a little bit of help this thanksgiving to make it go off without a hitch. Post in for you or someone you know. Or feel free to PM. No shame happy thanksgiving!
  10. Helping a friend: is that allowed?

    Where’s the double face palm meme? Please someone post the double face palm meme. Because one face palm just isn’t enough...
  11. Thanksgiving karma

    bump...still looking to see if there is one last family we can help!
  12. Thanksgiving karma

    So I’ve gotten a couple private messages and they have been contacted and sent funds. One recipient left. This will run a few more days. Not that I mind wwp, just if I can I’m keeping this directly connected to our nes family. And not to say our Nes. Family doesn’t include ww’s. You understand...
  13. Thanksgiving karma

    This year sucks. Money is tight for many all throughout the budget. I’m offering 100 bucks toward you or a deserving family towards your thanksgiving meal to make it happen. Might not be with our extended families this year but we still have things to be thankful for. It’s getting close so...
  14. When youre hungry, you got to eat

    according to the last line of the article, it was 'fantastic'
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