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  1. Pornhub Offers Free Premium Service To Everyone

    if you have to ask...
  2. What are your Post-Covid Plans...?

    party like it's 1999? View: been watching Chapelle's show during my sorry
  3. Pornhub Offers Free Premium Service To Everyone

    I'd offer a standing ovation, but my hands are "a little full" right now
  4. Northeast Shooters 15th Anniversary

    have a loved one or your caregiver check your meds...I know you've been around here a long time, and must be getting old, but you're off about 9 months from '09 my good sir. or is that the Friday night libations messing with our math now[rofl]
  5. Northeast Shooters 15th Anniversary

    this thread just reminded me how I needed to stop slacking on renewing my membership. only been like 2 weeks but, slacking! love NES. thanks everyone here that makes this a great place to be a part of. just re-upped green again! well, well worth it.
  6. People Are Panic Buying Untraceable ‘Ghost Guns’ Online in the Coronavirus Pandemic

    he was supposed to do that? oh jeez. good thing it has been longer than 6 years and the statue of limitations on his prosecution for forgetting to has passed. I'm just glad he was never troubled during those times and had a boot driven down is throat for forgetting his efa10! oh the horror...
  7. MA. Green license plates.

    you're spot on sir. I, unfortunately find myself in the same neck of the woods as JDL. quite a few of the neighboring towns are the same. meanwhile, in Springfield, 0 f's are given on most issues. seriously
  8. Does anyone know how to identify this Weber Q grill and find parts?

    the q's are great little grills. I have one. recently it wasn't burning as well as it had when I got it. I scraped the entire inside out with a paint scraper, had a bout a tin and a half full underneath it full of crusties and burnt on junk. the flame was also not getting as high, thought...
  9. Target Sports Delivering Again

    not trying to steal away from thread, but where did you get the ethanol free stuff. I have been desperately trying to find a place near Springfield/WIlbraham with it! thanks and feel free to pm to not bog up this TSUSA thread
  10. MA. Green license plates.

    unless you're a state senator congressman or the governor I feel like you're probably right. but I would sure love to if you could!
  11. Coronavirus: Springfield Police will wear masks when in close contact with citizens

    noticed less people pulled over lately, but also less people out, so it may just be a simple coincidental correlation.
  12. MA. Green license plates.

    I found my grandfathers old green plate. still in decent shape, and Id be more than willing to pay to have it refrub'd, if it it possible to use it myself? is there any way I can register an old plate that was once in my family(if that part even matters)? thanks collective
  13. Gun Club closure megathread

    Springfield Sportsman's Club in Monson, MA. email came in on 3-19 Coronavirus Club Update Due to the current health crisis, our Skeet, Trap and 5 Stand fields will be closed for the next 30 days. Pistol Pits and Rifle Ranges will remain open USPSA and ICORE matches have been suspended until...
  14. Three Rivers Manufacturing

    Love my neutron. Reminds me I need to snap and post a pic. Want an atom but money is a little tighter this week. Maybe next go around!
  15. Gardner PD - monitoring man hunt

    the suspect called into dispatch and let them know he has corona virus, and that for their protection they should social distance in this instance.
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