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  1. Scope and Mount Advice

    Yeah I re-read it. Main challenge is retaining zero when swapping optics on a given platform for differing competitions.
  2. Scope and Mount Advice

    He knows he needs to re-zero. He just wanted a scope and mount recommendation that lends to consistency across removal and reattach. Although I suppose you make a good point... if you’re swapping a scope between the 5.56 gun and the .308 gun, you’re re-zeroing anyway, so... 🤷‍♂️
  3. Scope and Mount Advice

    Just realized I never thanked you all for the feedback... thank you! Also, I finally got my own rifle (Steyr THB) and mounted a Cabela's CXPro 5-25x56 FFP on it that I had picked up while visiting my folks in FL last Christmas.
  4. Scope and Mount Advice

    First off, long time, y'all! Life is good in Austria, but I do miss my NES family. I'll cut to the chase, a colleague in Poland is a competitive shooter and asked me a question that's out of my wheelhouse. I know scopes/mounts is a topic that has been done 5 ways (or is it 9 ways) to Sunday...
  5. WTS WTS - 2001 Ducati 750 SuperSport

    Bump and price drop.
  6. Collings Foundation Museum. Great car, tank and plane Museum.

    I've attended their Battle for the Airfield several times. It is a MUST SEE!
  7. WTS WTS - 2001 Ducati 750 SuperSport

  8. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    Renewal in Hopedale. Nothing beyond the standard application required and "all lawful purposes" for reason. Submitted 7 January, received 1 March.
  9. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    I need to call my LO. Submitted my paperwork on 7 Jan and still waiting. We're usually pretty fast here.
  10. Gun Free School Zone Act in NH

    With an OOS license issued by the NH State Police, I don't GAF whether a PRL *could* be issued by selectmen or not. I know mine meets the GFSZ standards. That said, my daughter is graduating from HS and so I'm unlikely to ever need to set foot in a NH school again. Also, my FL OOS covers...
  11. Comm2A files second Carry Suit, Batty v. Albertelli

    Ditto. This is terrible case law to let stand.
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