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    Since I live in Wakefield, I contacted the Middlesex County District Attorney's office with a couple of questions. A woman named Alison took control of the conversation right away and basically interrogated me. I asked about minimum legal shotgun barrel lengths in MA. She asked if I was a MA...
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    Post 86 dealer's sample. They can own it but not transfer it to private citizens You can rent but not buy. Post 86 dealer's samples can be transferred to law enforcement agencies and the military only. They are very heavily regulated, as opposed to a sear gun that was constructed with a pre-86...
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    I am sure there are plenty of people in his state with "post ban" hi cap mags as well. Matter of who gets caught.
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    Those were pre-86 MGs or sear guns constructed with pre-86 registered auto sears. Unless she is a Law Vegas Metro cop or Nevada National Guard soldier, she will not be handli g, much less firing, a true post-86 MG. I saw some of their weapons: MP40s, BARs, M3 grease guns, M2 carbines, M10A1s...
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    Those Las Vegas ranges are a joke. A range safety officer hovers over the shooter and breathes down his or her neck. Nevada law allows the private ownership of short-barrelled rifles and shotguns, along with unlicensed open carry of firearms and edged weapons. You can legally walk around with a...
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    Alan226, prisons and jails are full of numbskull know-it-all's like you. If short-barrelled shotguns and rifles are legal for civilians to possess in MA, then why aren't any FFLs in this state selling them? They are legal for LE and military only; felony for civilians like you. Put it to the...

    Sheeple in a blind panic over COVID and the seemingly endless death toll was probably upwards of 90% of it. They see Biden as their "savior" and Trump as a colossal failure. I see the senile old bastard as a false prophet who is profiting from a worldwide public health crisis.
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    Police officers are allowed to possess short barrelled shotguns and post 86 machine guns. Many Massachusetts police departments received M14 and M16A1 automatic rifles from the army's Anniston Depot back in the late 1990s. Springfield MA PD received two M79 grenade launchers, which are also...
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    Pick handle is very effective as well.
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    Alabama Conservation Officers are fully cross-trained and sworn DHS special agents. Post 9/11 and the war on terror has expanded LE powers considerably.
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    You would be surprised. A former co-worker ended up as a railroad police officer with CSX, a privately-owned railroad company. She has full arrest powers in every state CSX operates in (about 30!), including. MA, NY and NJ.
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    They have LEOSA nationwide carry and powers of arrest. Do you
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    Massachusetts General Laws WRT dangerous weapons.
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    Police officers also can possess post 86 machine guns as well as short barrelled shotguns, rifles, suppressors and post-ban magazines in MA. You try doing that. You will be arrested, jailed and aggressively prosecuted. BTW, police officers also have LEOSA privileges; something us real civilians...
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    Use a coin sap wallet. They carry exactly $10 worth of quarters, hit as hard as a blackjack and can even be legally carried on planes, cruise ships and in foreign countries. Carry them empty when going through TSA and cruise ship screening checkpoints. Unlike a folding batons, these items are...
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