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  1. Sex now illegal in the UK

    Most of them genetically look like the result of incest.. now they will have explanation as to why
  2. FFL Not Communicating

  3. Assembling Lowers

    Your filling out registration
  4. Which AR15 Armorers Tool and Accessories do you recommend?

    BEV block works perfectly.. tq’ed a few AR builds on it so far
  5. Smith & Wesson bodyguard. 380

    I owned one so did my wife.. we both sold them. Trigger sucks. Ammo picky they just don’t eat everything like a good EDC should. Mine hated all hollow points. They are cheap for a reason save your pennies buy a sig 365 it’s not much bigger but a helluva lot more gun
  6. Smith & Wesson bodyguard. 380

    Damn this went more than 1 post without.... slackers😁
  7. Rock Island Armory VR80

    So I’ve decided I want to pick one of these up after finding out the Citadel RSS1 has been discontinued. Probably should have been my first choice between the two to begin with. Anyway I saw they have a white/black version and it’s the first time I can actually say I want something other than...
  8. Worst gun ever

    Toss up between BG380 and Kel-Tec KSG. Neither function worth a shit.. at least the KSG looks and sounds the part even if it doesn’t load or eject shells well. Moved on a long time ago from both and safer for it
  9. What Gun Was This?

    So many boating accidents
  10. So, what firearms are you buying this weekend (MA)?

    Buy a variety of ammo.. BG is the most finicky gun I’ve ever owned. Dumped that thing quick couldnt trust that to perform as my EDC. I conceal my 365 just as easy now
  11. So, what firearms are you buying this weekend (MA)?

    I don’t check every casing but yes I have had a few light ones. and I do agree with familiarity I’m stuck in my ways thus why I had a G26 and G43 but the 365 gives me more capacity than the 43 and much smaller than the 26 so it’s the best of both worlds and a trigger I was pleasantly surprised...
  12. So, what firearms are you buying this weekend (MA)?

    I only owned Glock handguns until I bought my 365 about 2 years ago. Was skeptical at first I’d like it but it’s been my EDC since the first range session replacing my Glock 43. I like it so much I sold both of my glocks in the last couple months because they would never be more than safe queens...
  13. WTB RIA VR80 shotgun in Ma.

    Looking for brand new in box stormtrooper white(saw online not sure if it’s an available color still) from a dealer or private party Within reasonable driving distance from New Bedford(South Coast area). Not looking to pay above MSRP. Cash buyer and wanting to lock one up ASAP
  14. Citadel RSS1 shotgun legal in Ma?

    Happen to recall who you’ve seen selling them?
  15. Citadel RSS1 shotgun legal in Ma?

    Well this is good news then if we can get them.. I can just search out a good price and have it transferred in.
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