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  1. Officer involved shooting in Saugus saturday

    If this situation took place in Dorchester they would have immediately descalate the situation and it would have been a stand off with community leaders and clergy involved. In Saugus , Mozambique nothing to see here. Where's this white mom's protest and vigils.
  2. Armed School Resource Officers = More School Shootings

    Baseless theories like this just makes our kids and grandkids softer targets. I strongly believer that SROs should have access to long arm's in schools and shouldn't have to wait for back up with a patrol rifle. After all these are our kids they deserve the best protection.
  3. Question for the police

    just remember everybody gets a trophy 🏆 . no need to practice.
  4. We Need a Northern New England Only Classified Section

    Just what we need a rusty AF gun section 😂
  5. Quick question please

    Jason Guida Attorney Jason A. Guida
  6. Florbert is back!

    I have a model 36 Winchester it's 9mm rimfire it was marketed as a garden gun
  7. Detroit - police drive away from a drive by shooting

    Who knows the true story , Federal agencies let confidential informants and criminals under investigation run wild sometimes. And cops can do nothing but stand down and if you think it's bullshit look at Whitey. I have a friend who retired as a Captain in a big department and explained to me the...
  8. Heat Resistant Spray Paint

    Broc there's two choices "Go to" and Ghetto.
  9. Westport-Officer accidently shoots himself at Westport gun range

    Adirondack Lane is the Fall River police departments range.
  10. Mattapoisett Police Chief Arrested For OUI

    That's a nice suit do they make it in men's sizes .
  11. Load Tester/ Unloader

    In Thanks
  12. Man waving gun, calling himself 'white devil' arrested in Manchester, police say

    He oughta get a hairpiece he's got that creepy porn lawyer thing going on
  13. Rep. Madison Cawthorn: Biden Door-to-Door Vaccine Checks Could Turn into Gun Grabs

    My strategy: squirt some warm water on them while standing 5 feet back from an open second story window , Then walk up to said window while zipping up fly and saying anything I can help you with. works every time.
  14. Middleborough police respond to report of active shooter along Route 28

    Yep just like an Atheists tombstone .
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