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  1. Ruger Precision .22lr

    I bought one a few years back and put it up against my first gen ruger model 77-22 and basically results were the same I wouldn't call it a match gun by any means. The old mossberg training rifles of the 40s and 50s would walk all over it.
  2. Cast Hollow Points

    That's a good looking bullet Michael after showing me what you had in the ballistics gel that projectile would inflict the same damage as a Silver Tip going at the same velocity.You picked a winner with that mould.
  3. Cast Hollow Points

    As a rule you will get more exposure to lead from spent cases than you could ever get from casting.
  4. Massad Ayoob Named President Of Second Amendment Foundation

    Just wish he had a name like Bill or Frank I always eff up the pronunciation...
  5. Cast Hollow Points

    My girl has a 45 to protect her 38's
  6. Cast Hollow Points

    You'll have to grab the lab-radar next time you test.
  7. WTT Federal 22LR for SPP

    WTT Federal 22LR 36 grain copper plated hollow points. 550 round bricks. Trade one box for 1k New Winchester SPP All laws followed. FTF Southeastern MA.
  8. Ruger

    With them buying Marlin they are probably to need alot more employee's
  9. 2021 NES Bullet Casting Seminar Feeler?

    Is this another cards with tards event is that metro sexual gun exploding guy coming again.
  10. Anyone use Hodgdon Lil' Gun powder?

    It's my go to powder for 300 blackout accuracy loads as well as 762x39 and works great in my 458 socom.
  11. Anyone use Hodgdon Lil' Gun powder?

    Me and Mike Spangler have a buddy named Charlie who likes to load his 44s hot with lilgun his forcing cone on his Vaquero looks like it was manicured with a cutting torch.
  12. Marco Rubio puts up a new way to get your NICS check denied...

    Poor little Marco Ruboneout what a douche...
  13. Being pro-gun also means being pro-responsibility: We must oppose HB102

    Either your Pro Gun or your not there's no shades of gray , I don't care if you like black powder or black rifles. The only law or regulation we should be governed by is the 2nd amendment.
  14. Being pro-gun also means being pro-responsibility: We must oppose HB102

    Wolf in sheep's clothing. aka crossdresser....
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