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  1. Five more coming to the ranks

    No worries my friend, I didn't take it that way at all. I guess I just wanted to make the point that yea, schools are f***ed but you can get your kids thru them without them becoming lefty insurgents. Now my kids have been out for over six years so I can only imagine it's gotten a lot worse...
  2. Five more coming to the ranks

    Don't disagree with what your saying but bringing new people in and helping them out can only help us, on a basic level it is a numbers game. You never know about people but I would not waste my time with someone if they didn't see 2A the way I do, and we did manage to get two daughters thru...
  3. Colossal AR Failure

    I put an adjustable gas block on one of my builds, and I've never had to adjust it, waste of money IMO.
  4. AR15 Buttstock

    If OP is still not getting satisfied, head to Village Sports in Westport, they usually have a ton of Magpul stuff including stocks.
  5. Gun Buyback on 5/15/21

    Some of those look like friggin muskets!
  6. Five more coming to the ranks

    LOL....they were all gung ho, yesterday when they got back they wanted to see more so I took them down to the gun room for some show and tell, My daughters were splitting things up for who gets what after I'm gone..Warms the heart! And I'm convinced this is the only real way we prevail, not...
  7. Five more coming to the ranks

    Firearms basic safety class...or what ever the hell you call it...that's what I call it..[laugh]
  8. Five more coming to the ranks

    Got five new shooters joining us soon, all went for the FBSC today and are filling out the applications, both my daughters, their husband/future husband and the future husbands father, all from one persons (Me) influence.
  9. AR15 Buttstock

    Jesus, I hate to keep saying this but..Sounds like another Reptile thread!
  10. XL 750 Machine Bundle to load both .223 and 6.5CM

    I've been reloading for 30 years and still do all my rifle on a Redding single stage, I just prefer it that way and I generally load small batch's at a time.
  11. Colossal AR Failure

    So much lack of info, wouldn't even try to Monday morning quarter back this but colossal failure um...no. The dude who's 50 blew up and opened up his jugular, thats a colossal failure IMHO.
  12. Which optics brand do you own the most of?

    Aimpoint, various models x 7 Burris -XTR 3s x4 Trijicon x3
  13. 6.5 Creedmoor precision rifle choices?

    Probably gonna be worse with an MD, noise that is. To me the report is usually more with a brake. Tell kid to deal!!! LOL. I remember the first time my eldest daughter fired my 629 with full power 240 grainers, she looked at me with the crazy ass grin on her face and asked if I has something...
  14. 6.5 Creedmoor precision rifle choices?

    First thing I did when I got my RPR's is pull the brakes off, kind of silly on 6.5 or 308 IMHO.
  15. Value of 30 year old Marlin?

    I have '51, '54, and '68 336s all in 35 Rem, they show honest use but yea, those actions are buttery slick. There is a local shop that has a late 60s vintage 336 in 444 Marlin That I have been going back and forth about. Just what I need, another caliber thats near impossible to find ammo for...
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