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  1. Good striper rod and reel

    Look at what their using. You don't need large setups
  2. Antifa Threatening Suburbs Now

    Don't forget the wood chipper!
  3. Lafayette Square, Secret Service Sniper

    Looks like a Proctologist
  4. Vote for Joe Kennedy!!!!!

    Where's Patches? View:
  5. Glock 26 Question

    Don't forget one of these!
  6. Good striper rod and reel

    Reel size depends on line capacity and drag limits. Van Stall is nice! Checkout "Fishing Combo" on the West Marine site. Seeker BEACON™ 7330/Avet SX6/4-MC Raptor is my favorite kayak rod/reel for Blues and Stripers, also Penn Spinfisher 6500 The hyperbolic bend profile on the Seeker rod is a big...
  7. Trebuchet Pistol by Tom Stanton

    Next Step?
  8. Leading scientist warns of the danger of a pandemic triggered by chicken farms that could kill half the world's population

    "Just when we seem to be easing out of the crisis" really? Even vegaterians doing the chicken dance will help with this.
  9. Strange low-flying CG plane

    Is there anything to rescue in Mendon?
  10. Dead BOBCAT in backyard.......Big One.......

    The bill, that your going to pay for the repair, won't be so funny [rofl]
  11. Generator Question

    Country of origin for the Sportsman 2200W/1800W dual fuel inverter generator?
  12. Generator Question
  13. Maine: even our Loons will kick your ass.
  14. Haircut Appointments

    [QUOTE="FPrice, post: I hope that cutting hair is not that fragile of a skill." Just in time for my Speedo trim!
  15. Porcupine Problems

    You need to have to have your dog mark your property, that will keep them away! View:
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