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Nov 22, 2017 at 8:42 PM
Jul 28, 2009
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Member, from On the 16 yard line, shootin' for the Lewis!

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MisterHappy was last seen:
Nov 22, 2017 at 8:42 PM
    1. 123guns
      will this commie is not in jail and cops took legal guns that were locked in a safe that were not mind they said i was in control a locked safe was i had no key if i was so bad i would be in jail
    2. neEEGuru
      Hey sorry you got hosed. I posted to the topic, but basically very reasonable price, assuming they actually know what they are doing, etc.

      If you don't have a lot of stuff on there you want/need to keep and would be willing to drop it off closer to Boston for a few days, I'll do it for cheap/flat rate.

      Let me know if interested at all. If so, tell me model/brand/approx date purchase.

      (just realized my green membership expired this month... so I can't send a PM cause my box is over non-green storage... arghh.. )
    3. DNTTexan
      What it's always been: "Deadly Ninja Throwing ..."
    4. MisterHappy
      no sweat....I forgot the e-z pack! d'oh!


      I'll put it in the car, and when I see you, I'll have it
    5. w1dxh
      Hi, sorry we missed trap over the weekend but travis and I busy with family and Halloween stuff.
    6. MisterHappy
      If you want to use it, I'll bring it - no problem.

      As for your mom, happy to do it!

      See you guys out there!

    7. danboSMASH
      Had a great time last night for the first Thursday of trap. Thank you for helping me mom out. She did really awesome for her first round of trap! I really liked Andy's S&W is that something that can be available if I want to use it?
    8. MisterHappy
      thanks for fighting the good fight.

      too bad it's so easy to get into ne around here!

      happy patriots day
    9. testuser1
      Thanks for the rep!
    10. MisterHappy
      what.....don't you think I'm a happy guy?


      NO problem, I have just received some "mystery" requests, and I'm twitchy about phishing....

      See the thread in Competion about our easter egg shoot!

    11. smurf447
      i might ask you the same question given your icon, but i'm steve murphy from sr&g ya know fat red headed guy, doug hebbs nephiew inlaw
    12. danboSMASH
      105 Trap thread was bumped this morning. Now that the weather is getting warm I am thinking of coming out of hibernation and joining in more up at the trap field.
    13. Kid Presentable
      Kid Presentable
      hey mike,

      what time and where should I meet up with you to help at the gun show Saturday?
    14. qmmo
      I don't understand. Did I check off the wrong thing? I meant to give positive rep as your idea cracked me up silly and I definitely will print out my avatar and even include my screen name. I'm old and if I screwed up and clicked the wrong radio buttion I apologize. If I can fix it I will.
    15. MisterHappy
      Oh, it's my friendly avatar, eh?

      I'm in Framningham, too, and my son goes to school with a Cohen, so I was wondering....

      Since you're in Framingham, do you belong to a local club ( e.g. Southborough Rod &Gun Club)?
    16. testuser1
      With a name like "MisterHappy", how could I resist!
    17. MisterHappy

      thanks for all your help!

      I'm putting in for a 20% raise for you!


    18. Kid Presentable
      Kid Presentable
      haha don't know if i can do that...but i will do my best to help make things go smoother tomorrow
    19. MisterHappy
      bob and I will arrive at about 8 - we start with the registration at 10, so anytime in there is cool. Coffee and donuts will be there....now, if you know a way to stop the impending rain.....


      thanks, and see you there
    20. Kid Presentable
      Kid Presentable
      hey mike!

      what time do you want me there on saturday to help with the 105 shoot?
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    If you pull a trigger, you have to pull together.

    Hancock Ale & Quail Society (Legacy Founding Member)
    NRA(Life); GOAL(Family); Southborough Rod & Gun Club
    Club Delegate - Worcester County League of Sportsmens' Clubs
    NRA Certified Instructor (Shotgun, Pistol, Home Firearm Safety); MSP BFS
    Mass Certified Hunter Ed Instructor
    Licensed Bartender
    Licensed Forklift Operator (Class 1); Forklift Trainer