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  1. Girls says her cop-dad is a pig and a camera wh**e

    What kind of cop is drinking decaf? Edit: NVM. It's behind the label.
  2. Trufuel

    I keep a can or 2 around for over the winter. But with an ethanol free station less than 30 seconds from the house, I usually go the cheaper way. Premix is so very convenient though, it's just expensive.
  3. The Arts Martial (A Megathread)

    Was active with a group that practiced Krav Maga twice a week for years. It was a very controlled environment and you had to be evaluated before being allowed to really spar. It was a great group of guys. I moved away and miss that bunch.
  4. 2019 / 2020 Skiing & Boarding Thread

    Picked up a pair of Altai Hok's, a short fat "skishoe" with a universal binding. Got to test them out a bit this week. Gonna be fun for some BC exploring.
  5. Northeast Kingdom VT

    VT is desperate for people to move to the more rural areas. The old timers are dying off and the yutes are in full retreat, destined for more hip urban areas. There are towns on the verge of not existing in any meaningful way. However, it you are an outdoors enthusiast, it is incredible. Hiking...
  6. FAA, NTSB investigating A Grumman OV-1 Mohawk crash at Stuart Air Show 1 dead

    My father flew Mohawks in Vietnam and has maintained close contact with many of the pilots from then. This was a friend of his preparing for an air show. Thought to be pilot error during a low altitude roll. Beautiful aircraft. It had the names of the MIA from Vietnam stenciled on it.
  7. NFL Playoff Talk

    Not convinced the niners are for real. Pack, Saints, Pats, Hawks and maybe the Chiefs are the only real contenders at the moment. Jimmy Porn Star still has a long way to go. Full disclosure: this post may not age well.
  8. Heavy Feline Content: So that the funny thread doesn't get locked

    He’s very tolerant of my daughters lettering abuse. I just hope she was labeling the cat and not talking to me
  9. Pot Farm Robberies Become A Big Problem In CA

    This NF Doc about the area got me through a snowstorm last winter: Murder Mountain
  10. First-World Problem Horror Stories

    I took leftover BBQ ribs and mashed potatoes to work for lunch. There were only enough ribs left to eat off the bone or mix in with the spuds, but not both.
  11. 2019-2020 New England Patriots

    Bennett said philosophical disagreement. The Pats said conduct detrimental. His attitude was having a negative impact on the team. Possibly related; Michael Bennett may be legit insane (IANAPsych).
  12. Heavy Feline Content: So that the funny thread doesn't get locked

    Cayde has had a rough year.
  13. 2019-2020 New England Patriots

    Made the trip to DC this weekend. Good seats way cheaper than Gillette. My estimation is 75% Pats fans. Certainly enough to make it loud for the skins offense.
  14. Walking Dead Season 10

    Will tune in. I may be in the sad minority, but I still like the show.
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